‘Gambit’ Movie Update: Channing Tatum Wants Doug Liman To Direct The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Gambit’ Movie Update: Channing Tatum Wants Doug Liman To Direct The Movie

“Gambit” movie recently hit a roadblock when director Rupert Wyatt had to back out of the film because it clashed with his other projects and the movie was left without a director. But this isn’t the first time that a movie in Hollywood has suffered a problem like this because eventually it does find another director. In the case of “Gambit,” Doug Liman is the man who is being eyed to helm the project.


According to Cinema Blend, when Doug Liman turned Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt starrer “Edge of Tomorrow” into a massive summer hit, it caught everyone’s attention. Recent updates reveal that the director is being eyed to direct the superhero movie “Gambit,” which is a spin-off from the “X-Men” franchise focusing on the card-throwing mutant from Louisiana.

But following the success of “Edge of Tomorrow,” “Gambit” isn’t the only one project that Doug Liman has been approached for. Currently shooting “Mena” with his “Edge of Tomorrow” star Tom Cruise, there are speculations that the two are re-uniting for “Edge of Tomorrow” sequel, and as well as for a science fiction movie “Luna Park” since Tom Cruise had a really nice working equation with the director.

It is now on the director to decide if he will continue working with Tom Cruise or if he catches a liking for “Gambit,” which Channing Tatum is extremely passionate about. The actor right from the beginning has done everything that needs to be done so that the movie makes it on-screen. He has been honing his fighting skills, perfecting the Cajun accent the fictional mutant has, and even hoping to get an equally passionate director for the project.


Financial Express added that the director has not spoken a word as to whether he will take on the project or not. “SPECTRE” star Lea Seydoux has reportedly been cast opposite Channing Tatum in the movie. “Gambit” is scheduled to release next year on October 7th.

Photo source: Facebook/Channing Tatum

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