Game of Crowns Premiere: Meet the Crown-craving Married Women [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Game of Crowns Premiere: Meet the Crown-craving Married Women [WATCH VIDEO]
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Bravo’s “Game of Crowns,” a brand-new favorite show, has married women competing for an alluring tiara and sash. The premiere caught the viewers’ interest in the journey of the six wives in the world of  beauty contests for married women. Keep reading to learn more about the entertainment-packed premiere episode, which aired on July on 13, 2014.

Six wives embark on a journey in winning the coveted crown and title. Check out the “Game of Crowns” contestants below, including some information about them.

  1. Shelley Carbone, 41, is the winner of Mrs. Connecticut America 2010 and Mrs. America 2011. She and her husband, John, have four children: Clay, 14; Mia, 12; Madilyn (Maddy), 10; and Trey, 7. She is at present writing two books: a children’s book and a nonfiction book entitled “Please Stop Calling Me Ma’am…Tales of an Aging [Angry] Beauty Queen.”
  2. Vanessa Sebastian has won Mrs. Connecticut 2012. She is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). She is married to Brian, owner of the world’s largest casinos, Foxwoods Resort & Casino. They have a 24-year-old daughter, Tyah Marie.
  3. Leha Guilmette, 34, has won Mrs. Rhode Island 2013. She is also a Technical Recruiter. Leha and her police officer husband, Nick, have two children: Nicholas, 8, and Sophia, 3.
  4. Lynne Diamante is a lawyer and CEO of OPTX Rhode Island Eyewear. She is also a former Miss Rhode Island USA and participated at the Miss USA 1991. She is married to Giulio, who is an eye surgeon and ophthalmologist. They have an 11-year-old daughter.
  5. Lori-Ann Marchese, 29, is Mrs. Connecticut 2013 and an ex-fitness model. She is also an owner at Body Construct, LLC, Registered Dental Hygienist. She and her husband, John, have one dog and two cats.
  6. Susanna Paliotta, 40, is a Ms. Tri-State Contender 2013. She is a successful entrepreneur, business woman, author and pilot. She has received Woman in Business Award and is the co-founder of Bound by the Crown Couture, a stylish lifestyle clothing brand for kids. She is married to Antonio, a successful construction entrepreneur, and has two daughters: Victoria, 21, and Isabella, 7.

Mrs. Pageant contestants — Shelley Carbone, Vanassa Sebastian, and Leha Guilmette — sat down with the US Weekly team  to promote their reality show “Game of Crowns.”  The leading ladies of the show have talked about the pageant scenario.

“People who say they don’t care whether or not they win the crown, and they’re not there to win, they’re lying. Everybody wants to win! No one wants to eat at loser’s buffet,” said Sebastian during the conversation. The casting director for the series in LA contacted Sebastian, and she enlisted the other contestants.

Listed below are the rules in order to be accepted in the contest:

  • One has to be married.
  • One has to be accomplished business women.
  • Mothers are also allowed.

Since Lori-Ann describes the Mrs. Pageants “uptight and conservative,” we know there will be huge excitement and drama coming this season. 

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