Game Of Thrones Co-Stars And BFF Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner Swap Faces For Fun Selfie

By Manjira Basu | 1 year ago
Game Of Thrones Co-Stars And BFF Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner Swap Faces For Fun Selfie

Game of Thrones has hardly portrayed Sansa Stark and Arya Stark in the same scene, except for a few situations. But that has not stopped actors Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner from becoming the best of friends. Or so their social media profiles show.

Recently a fan had requested Williams for a selfie. And what Maisie Williams shared on Twitter in reply was simply a bolt from the blue. She posted a picture where she had swapped faces with co-star Turner. And the result is a must watch picture for Game of Thrones fans, assures Teen Vogue.

Of course, Williams’ sense of humor is no secret to fans. Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine the warrior Arya Stark who coldly cuts off throats in the show, to have her face fitted on Turner’s body and vice-versa just for fun. Williams became quick friends on the sets of Game of Thrones and since then have never looked the other way.

Initially, the surge of social media images was taken as fun popularity gauging pictures. But when the actresses got twin tattoos on their arms, fans grasped the seriousness of this friendship. The tattoos spelled the date, incidentally the same date on which they were selected for their respective roles.

The BFFs known as Mophie have been spotted together at every event. With a single year of age difference, the duo gets along quite well with each other. “It’s a day that both of our lives changed forever,” believes Williams. And their fans have been going crazy after the memes made by both and the fun images they share on Twitter and Instagram.

But meanwhile what fans need to know that this picture was taken very recently when the duo was together in Belfast. Does that indicate that a Stark reunion is on the way? Last season of Game of Thrones had shown that Arya Stark was returning home whereas Sansa also settled in at Winterfell with Jon Snow. Will Game of Thrones finally find these friends on screen together? Stay tuned to find out!

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Photo Source: Instagram/maisie_williams

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