‘Game of Thrones’ Hodor Releases First Dance Track Up

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Game of Thrones’ Hodor Releases First Dance Track Up

Game of Thrones” has many characters and every actor has played the character very well. Among all these actors, there is one whose performances and simplicity is loved by everyone. Although this character is helping Brian Stark from the very beginning, has got only one dialogue and his name. And now that actor, has released his own song. Read on for more details.

The 39-year-old Irish actor, Kristian Nairn, who was best known for his role as Hodor in the series, has produced his own song. He was currently absent from the shows freshly concluded season 5. The Irish actor has spent most of this time establishing himself as a popular Disco Jockey.

There are several performers who just upload their songs on iTunes so they get all the fame. But Nairn has already received all the fame and name he needed. Rather than uploading songs on iTunes, he produced his own song.

The songs, “Up/Beacon” which features Leanne Robinson is a pop-friendly club ditty songs that might remind you of the high school dance floor songs of the early 90’s. Apparently, the lyrics of the song does not say “Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!,” but has everything one is looking for in the club mix songs and its quiet accelerating.

Before entering into the world of “Game of Thrones,” Nairn was a DJ and as one have pictured, the actor was not in the season 5. The actor took the time off to travel Australia as a part of the Rave of Thrones tour, where the DJ/actor showcased some of the deepest house from all seven kingdoms and has released two track dance single, “Up and Beacon.” Leanne Robinson has given the vocals for both of the tracks.

According to Independent, Nairn has plans to release more music and we just can’t wait to listen to him Hodoring. Plus, if the show creators like the songs then there are chances (speculations) that our own Hodor might be singing a song or two for the upcoming season of “Game of Thrones.”

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Image Source: Facebook/ Game of Thrones

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