‘Game of Thrones’: Jon Snow Is Dead!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Game of Thrones’: Jon Snow Is Dead!

The most devastating death till the time on American Fantasy drama TV series, “Game of Thrones” had been that of Jon Snow. Fans from all over the world have been sad and had developed various theories and reasons so that they don’t have to believe in the bitter truth of death of Jon Snow.

The HBO legendary TV series, “Game of Thrones” had the gruesome death of Jon Snow and many other characters in the bloody season 5 finale. Jon Snow was stabbed to death by a gang of bloodthirsty Night’s Watchmen and fans worldwide were shook by his death.

People had developed many speculations over Jon Snow not-being-dead, but looks like Jon Snow is actually dead. In an interview with Variety, director David Nutter said very clearly that Jon Snow is dead. Nutter said, “I can say emphatically that Jon Snow is definitely dead.”

He also added that Kit Harrington who played the role of Jon Snow was very sad to leave the show and that it was a very emotional time. But Nutter did not forget to say that he wanted to catch the viewers by surprise. He wanted to take care of Jon Snow and he did. ‘He’s now deader than dead.’

Kit Harrington even confirmed the sad news and told Entertainment Weekly that his character Jon Snow is dead and he is not coming back for another season. The Weekly has even released a poll of the most devastating death on “Game of Thrones” of all the seasons, topping the list is Jon Snow.

Read below who else had been most loved but were killed or died during the last 50 episodes panning over 5 seasons:

  1. Jon Snow: 49.83 percent, with 11,320 votes
  2. The Red Wedding (Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, Talisa Stark, Grey Wind): 45.38 percent, with 10,310 votes
  3. Ned Stark: 33.74 percent, with 7,666 votes
  4. Shireen Baratheon: 20.17 percent, with 4,582 votes
  5. Oberyn Martell: 17.30 percent, with 3,931 votes
  6. Khal Drogo: 9.25 percent, with 2,102 votes
  7. Ygritte: 8.49 percent, with 1,929 votes
  8. Myrcella Baratheon: 4.59 percent, with 1,042 votes
  9. Barristan Selmy: 3.64 percent, with 826 votes
  10. Stannis Baratheon: 2.74 percent, with 623 votes
  11. Sandor “The Hound” Clegane: 2.54 percent, with 576 votes
  12. Karsi (and the deaths in “Hardhome”): 2.53 percent, with 575 votes
  13. Maester Aemon: 2.50 percent, with 567 votes
  14. Tyrion’s double murder (Shae, Tywin Lannister): 2.31 percent, with 524 votes
  15. Grenn and the Night’s Watch brothers at the gate: 1.92 percent, with 437 votes
  16. Syrio Forel: 1.69 percent, with 384 votes
  17. Jeor Mormont: 1.68 percent, with 382 votes
  18. Maester Luwin: 1.50 percent, with 341 votes
  19. Joffrey Baratheon: 1.49 percent, with 339 votes
  20. Jojen Reed: 1.36 percent, with 310 votes
  21. Mance Rayder: 1.28 percent, with 291 votes
  22. Viserys Targaryen: 1.14 percent, with 258 votes
  23. Robert Baratheon: 0.64 percent, with 145 votes
  24. Lysa Arryn: 0.40 percent, with 90 votes
  25. Qhorin Halfhand: 0.29 percent, with 65 votes


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