Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Recap: Mother’s Mercy

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Recap: Mother’s Mercy
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Game of Thrones” Season 5 finale Episode 10 “Mother’s Mercy” have brought the characters to their lowest points and some of them may not recover next season and some of them may not even be there anymore. In the world of “GOT” deaths of main characters has always been a part of the series but it never fails to shock us and this season’s finale didn’t disappoint. Read below for the full recap:

Stannis Baratheon got his karma after letting his daughter burn at the stake. He went to Winterfell but half of his men deserted him and it doesn’t end there, Selyse hung herself because she couldn’t bear living after what happened to her daughter. Despite his dead wife and only a few men with him, he marched onto Winterfell but Podrick saw Stannis coming and he told Brienne and Brienne went after Stannis, just when Sansa was on her way out.

Bolton’s army incapacitated Stannis’ army, leaving Stannis badly injured. And Brienne took his life avenging Renly’s death.

Jon Snow told Sam what happened at Hardhome and he also believes that everyone hates him at Castle Black. Sam used this as an opportunity to ask Jon to send him, Gilly and the baby away and Jon let him.

Theon and Sansa are now on the run.

In Braavos, Meryn Trant was on a torture spree but only one girl wouldn’tbreak from her whipping – Arya. She took the chance to stab him and she revealed that he is the first person on her list and introduced herself as Arya Stark. She returned to Jaqen but Jaqen said that she chose the wrong life and she shouldn’t have taken that man’s life. With what she did, she owed the Many Faced God and Jaqen drank poison because he said that “Only death can pay for life” and then out of nowhere, Arya couldn’t see a thing – has she gone blind???

Mrycella, Jaime, Bronn and Tyrstane were on their way to King’s Landing and Myrcelle and Jaime had a heart-to-heart talk and Myrcella revealed that she’s known all along that Jaime is her father. They hugged and they Myrcella’s nose started to bleed. It turns out that the parting gift that Ellaria gave her before she left was the same poison that one of the Sand Snakes used on Bronn.

In Meereen, Jorah and Daario left Tyrion to find Daenarys and just when Tyrion thought that he was all alone, Varys showed up! As for Dany, she’s somewhere far away and she met a group of unknown people.

Cersei has finally asked for mercy and revealed that she had something with Lancel but protected Jaime and claimed that her children were anyone but King Robert’s. The High Sparrow set her free but of course, she had to do her walk of shame. Her golden locks were chopped off, she was naked and dirty and walked through King’s Landing looking like that.

Melisandre showed up at Castle Black to reveal Stannis’ and Shireen’s fate. Davos was devastated. Jon Snow thought about what happened and then Olly delivered news that his uncle is alive. When he went outside, he was surprised to find his men and Alliser who brutally stabbed him. All of the men started stabbing him… and then he’s dead. IS HE REALLY???

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