Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap: The Dance of Dragons

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap: The Dance of Dragons
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The penultimate episode of “Game of Thrones” Season 5, Episode 9 “The Dance of Dragons” delivered and epic ending and one heartbreaking scene just crushed us. Read below for the full recap.

The episode kicked off in Stannis’ cam, in the middle of the night and after a few seconds it caught on fire. It turns out that it was Ramsay and some of his men who set the camp on fire during the wee hours of the morning. Due to what happened, Stannis require more resources. He sent Davos to Castle Black for more food and men.

And while Davos was away, Stannis finally decided to offer up Shireen, his daughter to the Red God. This is the heartbreaking scene that I was telling you about. All the men watching including Stannis and his wife while Shireen gets tied up at the stake and left to burn alive. She was screaming for her father and mother to make it stop while Melisandre continues to chant evil stuff. Her mother almost got to her. She was stopped by the guards and she just stood there, hearing her daughter’s screams and collapsed when the screaming stopped and her daughter has turned to ashes.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow returns to Castle Black with the Wildlings. There was this moment when I thought Alliser Thorne wouldn’t let them through the Wall.

In other news, Prince Doran and Ellaria Sand questioned Jaime. It was why he wanted to kidnap Myrcelle and smuggle her out of Dorne instead of just talking to them about it. Jaime told them that Cersei got news that Myrcella’s life is in danger. Prince Doran doesn’t want to go to war with the Lannisters. He allowed Jaime and Myrcella to go home but demanded that Tyrstane replace Oberyn on the Small Council. He also let Bronn get released from the dungeons.

It’s the day of the Great Fames at the Meereenese fighting pits and Dany was watching it with her fiancé, Hizdahr zo Loraq, Tyrion, Missandei and Tyrion. To her surprise, Jorah showed up to battle in the pits but he managed to kill all the men. However, the crowd didn’t like his victory. Jorah threw a spear towards, at first I thought it was meant for Daario. But, it was actually meant for an assassin creeping behind Dany – in a mask. Yes, the Sons of the Harpy were out for blood and they were too many of them. Hizdahr was killed while Jorah, Tyrion, Missandei, and Daario were almost outnumbered. It was until Drogon came and breathed fire on the Sons of the Harpy but also got himself injured. Dany came to the Drogon, climbed up and flew out of the pits.

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