Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap: The Gift

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap: The Gift
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Game of Thrones” Season 5, Episode 7 “The Gift” has certainly strayed away from the books and took form in a different life. So, if you’ve read the books then you’ll see the difference.

Let’s put off a shocker right away that happened this episode: Maester Aemon is dead and it’s saddening because he has been a calming presence but it’s a good thing that he died comfortably in bed because that’s very rare in the series. It was Sam Tarly and Gilly who were there beside him.

In a lighter note, some Night’s Watchmen tried to hit on Gilly and Sam was of course, to the rescue who spat threats to them but didn’t really do anything and he was almost smashed to the face but thanks to Ghost who saved the day. Gilly appreciated what he did of course, and finally that night Sam turned his back on the vow that he’s made and made love with Gilly. It was a very vulnerable moment for the two because it was dangerous and something that they shouldn’t be doing. Who knows what’s going to happen the next day? And him and Jon Snow are definitely not on the same page these past few episodes.

Then let’s go further down from the Wall and see what’s Stannis is up to. Well, Melisandre, the evil witch has asked him to consider sacrificing Shireen to the Lord of Light. Why? Well, this is her solution to the problem that their supplies are getting shorter and their sellsword recruits are packing up and leaving. I don’t know why Shireen has to be offered, though. What does she have to do with that?

Ramsay Bolton continues to breathe (but I hope he starts breathing soon or he stops breathing fresh air and starts breathing dungeon air) and Sansa begged Theon to help her. Theon agreed to place a lit candle in the top window of the Broken Tower only for his plan to fail and found Ramsay there. of course, he was subjected to torture once again but not to him, well not to him physically, though because the evil schmuck showed him his latest torture doll, the servant who told Sansa what to do if she needed help. I don’t know why Sansa always fall into ill fate with almost all of her plans to escape or get relief.

Alas, Sansa managed to get through Ramsay by telling him that his soon to be new trueborn half brother will claim Winterfell and not only that, she also managed to sneak it some sort of weapon while Ramsay was busy bragging stuff to people who would listen. I hope she stabs Ramsay soon enough, I can’t wait to see him dead.

Oh and to make matters even more “positive,” Cersei’s in jail and Margaery and Loras were freed. Thanks to the High Sparrow and Lancel who ratted out Cersei. However, we know that Cersei’s not going to stay there for too long and she’s bound to come up with a new scheme for destruction. Watch out, Tyrells.

Tyrion has finally met Dany when he and Jorah ended up at a Fighting Pit Qualifying Match. It remains that Dany is still not amused by Jorah’s presence but is taking interest in Tyrion’s. I hope the both of them hit if off soon because they are going to be one deadly tandem – the brains and the guts.

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