Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4 Episode 7 Mockingbird [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4 Episode 7 Mockingbird [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Game of Thrones” (GOT) Season 4, Episode 7 “Mockingbird” aired on May 18, 2014 and delivered another epic episode. Tyrion gets an unexpected person to fight for him and we saw how creepy Littlefinger can be. When we say creepy, it’s creepy in the highest levels of creepiness in all of the Seven Kingdoms! Read on for MNG’s “Game of Thrones” recap of Season 4 Episode 7 “Mockingbird.”

Sandor, Arya, Dany and Jorah all had discussions about life and fate as well as the choices we make. And let’s not forget the moment when Brienne and Pod paired up and met Hot Pie on their trek and we’re so thankful for Hot Pie because he was able to let them know that Arya is still alive. In other GOT news, Tyrion faces death in his cell while his guard killed everyone who tried to be at his sword’s reach. Arya also learned that sometimes death is mercy.

Lysa’s exit through the Moon Door was so swift and sad. Petyr doesn’t really need a clingy and obsessive wife but we do think that he told Lysa the truth while he made up a story when it comes to Sansa and even told her that he loves her after the death of her mother. What a creep!

Jon went back to Castle Black after his mission but only to be insulted by his bosses. Give the man a break, he fought bravely and he won!

Meanwhile, Tyrion was rooting for Bronn to be his champion but his buddy visited him and told him about Cersei’s bribe. Bronn is torn between betraying Tyrion and not betraying him. Let’s not get him wrong because of course, he likes Tyrion but as he said, he likes himself more.

And we have Daario asking Dany to either love him or send him away. Dany asked him to take his clothes off, which he did and so, they slept together. The next day, Daario was walking with so much swag and came across Ser Jorah. This disturbed Jorah then he was surprised to see Dany in a sexy outfit. Dany told him that she sent Daario to kill all the slave masters in Yunkai but Jorah wasn’t up for it and the good thing is that Dany listened to him, which only proves that Jorah is still very important.

Then a surprise came for Tyrion when Oberyn visited him and shared a story to him about his childhood. It was about Cersei abusing him and wanting to kill him but Jaime stopping her. And then he declared that he will be Tyrion’s champion and will be up against The Mountain.

And that’s it for the “Game of Thrones” recap of Season 4 Episode 7 “Mockingbird.” How did you like this GOT episode? Let us know by posting your comments below. For more news about “Game of Thrones,” including episode recaps, spoilers and updates, as well as other entertainment news, tune in to Movie News Guide (MNG).

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