Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap: The Sons of the Harpy

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap: The Sons of the Harpy
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Every episode is a battlefield in “Game of Thrones” Season 5 and in Episode 4, “The Sons of the Harpy” the woman with the infamous golden locks, incestuous behavior and a huge appetite for power has won this round. Read below for the full recap:

First off, it’s Cersei and Margaery Tyrell’s faceoff. Margaery may have been able to laugh off Cersei’s power moves and wordplay. This time around, the woman she’s up against took things in a different level. She had her brother, Loras Tyrell convicted for homosexuality and had Mace Tyrell sent to the Iron Bank of Braavos to bargain and was accompanied by Meryn Trant. It’s not a good day for Margaery.

Also, Cersei has appointed herself the faith militant of the realm and has empowered the High Sparrow’s army of zealots to enforce a religious law throughout King’s Landing. It meant that Loras has it bad. There’s a certain violence for homosexuals. And with Cersei’s unleash of power in King’s Landing, Margaery is on the run to find solace with her family and Cersei is victorious.

Jorah and Tyrion are on their way to Daenerys. Tyrion has finally got into his captor’s head. In fact, he doesn’t need to do much because he’s on his way to his planned destination although he’s out of wine.

Jaime and Bronn are on their way to Dorne hoping to rescue Myrcella. At the same time, Jaime wants to make this mission successful because it is one way to save his relationship with Cersei. On the other hand, Bronn isn’t really up for the glory. When they reached the Dornish lands, they encountered some troops and these two managed to fight them off. However, the Sand Snakes have captured the captain of the ship who is transporting Jaime and Bronn to their land. Now, the daughters of the Red Viper of Dorne are prepared for their arrival while Jaime and Bronn are clueless of the deep trouble that lies ahead for them.

Stannis has given up trying to coax Jon Snow into his crusade, but Melisandre hasn’t yet and took matters into her own hands and visited Jon at the Lord Commander’s office. She tried to seduce him. Jon was seduced until his love for Ygritte stopped him. Melisandre was disappointed and retreated but with a humdinger that will push Jon to destroy her, she said before leaving, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Littlefinger told Sansa the story about her Aunt Lyanna. She also let her know that he’s leaving for King’s Landing because Cersei is asking for him. Sansa told him that she doesn’t feel comfortable staying with the Boltons. Littlefinger assured her that everything will be fine because Stannis is on his way to take the North.

As for the most action-packed scene in this episode? The Sons of the Harpy has attacked Dany’s forces. The Unsullied tried to defeat them. They all died except for Grey Worm who was rescued by Ser Barristan who showed that he is still a formidable warrior. However, they were outnumbered and the two were left badly injured. With Dany’s two most trusted advisors and protectors left for dead, will Dany finally relent to the demands of the Sons of the Harpy unless she unleashes her dragon?

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