‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6: Get Ready to Meet the Tarly’s of House Tarly of Horn Hill

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6: Get Ready to Meet the Tarly’s of House Tarly of Horn Hill

We have heard a very little about House Tarly of Horn Hill from the mouth of Samwell Tarly or Sam, a Night’s Watch steward but now updates are coming that the upcoming season six of HBO’s epic, medieval drama,Game of Thrones” will show the entire Tarly family re-uniting as three names have been finalized to play Sam’s father, mother, and sister. Read on for more details.

Yes, the upcoming season will see three more new faces like “Downton Abbey” fame James Faulkner as Sam’s stern and strong-minded father, “Macbeth” fame actress Rebecca Benson as Sam’s mother and Samantha Spiro of “From Hell” will portray the character of Sam’s sister, reported the Watchers on the Wall.

So, the newly appointed members will join Freddie Stroma as his name was confirmed two weeks earlier for playing the role of Sam’s brother, Dickon Tarly, revealed by Entertainment Weekly.

As we all know, the reason behind Sam’s joining the Night’s Watch was his father as he commanded him either to join Night’s Watch or he will kill him and make his death appeared like a hunting accident. Sam, in a conversation with Jon Snow, revealed that his father hates him because of his fat figure. He believes that Sam is coming on his younger brother’s way who is totally opposite to him, younger, fit and just like a warrior. He also revealed that he can’t go back home because his father is a very high-minded and he’ll definitely kill him. It was though his mother will be proud of what he has become now, Sam revealed once.

Then, which reason forced Sam to return back to his home, Gilly? It was shown before that Sam promised Gilly that he will keep her safe always, lost his virginity too. Without having any idea about what the other night’s watchers are planning for Jon Snow, he moved forward on his journey to grow as a maester. So, may be his return back to his home will be an effort to keep Gilly and her son little Sam safe.

Well, fans are eagerly waiting for the sixth season to come as they wanted to know what is coming next, especially after Jon Snow’s shocking death. So, wait for 2016 spring as this is the time allotted to the upcoming season’s telecast on HBO.

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