Game of Thrones: Spinoff Confirmed, Could It Be a Prequel?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Game of Thrones: Spinoff Confirmed, Could It Be a Prequel?
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Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the most popular TV series. It boasts of a massive fan base that spans across multiple countries. With the show wrapping up after the eighth season, many have been wondering what will happen next?

There has been chatter till now about different possibilities but an official confirmation was recently announced.

Game of Thrones spinoff confirmed

Screen Crush reported that once the show wraps up its upcoming seventh season and the eighth season, HBO is looking to continue the story of Westeros via potential spinoffs.

According to the outlet, it is confirmed that the network is considering four spinoff possibilities with at least four different writers.

A report by The Independent confirmed that the network has closed a deal with four writers to explore more shows that will serve as spinoff of the original.

This report also stated that the writers that have been chosen have worked on major movies and TV series before. News about a spinoff being considered has been reported numerous times before but an official confirmation has only been made now.

Competing scripts

As mentioned, HBO is considering four spinoff possibilities. With this in mind, they have got four competing scripts for the spinoff from four different writers.

Amongst the writers that are competing are Kong: Skull Island writer Max Borenstein, Kingsman: The Golden Circle writer Jane Goldman, A Knight’s Tale writer Brian Helgeland and Mad Men writer Carly Wray.

The aforementioned source report also stated that Goldman and Wray are working with Game of Thrones books’ author George R. R. Martin himself.

Spinoff’s Executive Producers

The outlet also added that the current writers/executive producers of Game of Thrones would also be brought aboard as executive producers for the spinoff.

The network commented that Dan Weiss and David Benioff are currently finishing the seventh season and are busy with preparations for the eighth season of the show.

Once that is done they will serve as executive producers along with Martin on the spinoff and have been informed about the same. The network also mentioned that they want to give the duo a break from writing once the final season wraps up.

Additionally clarifying that they do not have a fixed timetable for the projects, the network stated that they will evaluate the scripts once it is submitted to them.

Spinoff options

While not much information is known about the spinoff, a report gave options for what the spinoff could explore. According to CapitalFM, there are many options that can be explored in the spinoff. One such option is a prequel.


According to the outlet, making a prequel is something that has been hinted by the network some time back. If a prequel is made, the makers will have lots of material to work with, as it will tell the story of Westeros before the whole battle for the Iron Throne began.

Also, characters that were killed off in Game of Thrones could come back to life because of it. The outlet, however, noted that the prequel’s ending could be more like the current show and not a happy one.


The second idea according to the outlet that could be explored for the spinoff is a sequel. But since the show is yet to air its seventh and eighth season, a sequel would be dependent on how events in the upcoming season take place.

Westeros’ story

An early story about how Westeros’ kingdom used to be can be explored as well. The Children of the Forest, The First Men and Beginning of the White Walkers are said to be part of Westeros’ early history. The outlet believes these stories could be turned into a spinoff of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones season 7

After an exciting sixth season, Game of Thrones will be premiering its seventh season this year. It is scheduled to premiere on July 16 and instead of having ten episodes will have seven episodes.

Following the seventh season, the show will air its final season next year. It remains to be seen what do the makers go for in the show’s spinoff.


Photo source: Facebook/Game of Thrones

Facebook/Game of Thrones

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