Game of Thrones Still Undefeated as Top Pirated TV Series

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago
Game of Thrones Still Undefeated as Top Pirated TV Series

London, United Kingdom – Game of Thrones premiered its fourth season this week and it showed that it is still the most illegally-downloaded show on television.

Its 100 torrents for the series took 25 percent of the illegal download for TV shows. This is equivalent to a 1.4 million hits from January to February alone. The numbers are expected to go up as the season continues.

In the UK, they are expecting the numbers to rise significantly because another season has begun. Usually, this series has 10 episodes per season. Until those 10 or more episodes are over, Game of Thrones could easily bag the title.

The Success of the Game of Thrones

Still, a lot of analysts will consider this as a success rather than a failure. Illegal download of a TV series is both good and bad for the show. This means that their profit does not go up, but their audience gets bigger. This is better than not getting any viewers for the show.

Also, they also have tons of viewers that prefer to watch it and download it legally. The first episode of the fourth season alone already got 1.2 million viewers from the Sky Atlantic. In the United Kingdom, the ‘Two Swords’ was shown twice at 9PM and 2AM. Those who watched it at 2AM watched with the rest of the United States.

Its Contenders That Are Not Even at the Half

The next most illegally-downloaded TV series are Dexter and Walking Dead. The numbers tell that Walking Dead, the second TV series for this category, has not made half of what Game of Thrones did. This show is already in its fifth season. Right now, it cannot compete properly yet because it is on hiatus and it will not be back until October.

Walking dead had almost a million international downloads while GoT has nearly 1.5 million. Breaking Bad, Dexter, Girls, and Homeland are among the other members of the top 10 list for pirated TV shows. Brazil, France, US, Spain and Australia are among the countries that have a lot of people who are downloading illegal materials from the Internet.

The people behind the Game of Thrones should be proud, but at the same time be alarmed on how the numbers turned out. They could negotiate their materials for the other channels around the world so that people will not resort to the Internet. What do you think?

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