Gamers Decide What ‘Far Cry 5’ Needs: Dinosaurs, Alien Planets and Mad Max Style Mayhem

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Gamers Decide What ‘Far Cry 5’ Needs: Dinosaurs, Alien Planets and Mad Max Style Mayhem
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Lovers of the video game “Far Cry” need to cool their heels for a bit, as developers Ubisoft announced that a 2016 release of “Far Cry 5” is ‘unlikely.’ A recent report also explores the possibility of a fascinating player character in the new game, and much needed additions to the game mechanics. Read on to find out more.

In “Far Cry” games so far, Ubisoft has usually gone with the ‘bland-white-guy’ staple protagonist. He is one who continues to remain boring even as you take down villages riding elephants and hunt sharks using only a knife. In “Far Cry 4” for instance, gamers played as the character of Ajay Ghale, a “Nepalese-Kyrati”, who spoke with an American accent. Fans have complained that the character was indistinguishable from the “Far Cry 3” protagonist, Jason Brody. A recent report by Movie Pilot explores the possibility of having a protagonist with more charisma. Well, that and dinosaurs. The new game needs to distance itself from the two previous installments, which fans feel were of the same mold.

In the meantime, Ubisoft has asked fans for their preferred location for the next game. The suggestions were quite inventive, from a “Mad-Max style post-apocalyptic world” to “cocaine trafficking jungles of Peru.” Read the full list, courtesy of PC Gamer.

The “Far Cry” games are a series of first person shooters with added role-playing game elements like side-quests, crafting and hunting. The games are usually known to feature breathtakingly beautiful locales (the Himalayas in “Far Cry 4” and a series of Caribbean islands in “Far Cry 3”) and expansive maps. All the games in the series have been well received with both previous games doing close to 10 million copies each in sales.

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