Gamestop Looks Forward To Sell Secondhand Digital Games, Seeking For Partnership

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Gamestop Looks Forward To Sell Secondhand Digital Games, Seeking For Partnership

Three year ago, American video game retailer, GameStop revealed its interest in buying and selling of digital games. The retailer had reportedly proposed some European startups for using their technologies for its “buy, sell and trade” model. After the GameStop’s announcement of retailing retro consoles and video games a few days back, now the old proposal has resurfaced with their continuous efforts to buying and selling secondhand digital games.

“I think as the marketplace grows, it is certainly something that we are interested in and we will continue to look at,” Eric Bright, merchandising director, GameStop said to GameSpot.

According to Bright, the reason why GameStop had a sluggish development in the last three years in this new business wing, is that “the digital penetration is still at its infancy overall” across the video game industry. But sooner, he assured that the digital game aficionados will be able to buy “used” digital games from the retailers like GameStop.

He also clarified that in case of some PC games, selling secondhand digital content is common. GameStop has already earned popularity in selling used video games. In case of consoles, digital content is usually licensed to one profile. Although, GameStop is trying to give it an end, it might take some more time and effort.

In order to accomplish this, the system needs a partnership between the retailers like GameStop and publishers. Last year GameStop had revealed that the company was in talks with the brands like Sony and Microsoft to sketch partnership plans so that they can work together in future.

Forbes has reported that GameStop has been a victim of changing trends in the gaming industry. The company’s revenue from sales of new video game software dropped by more than 18 percent over the last 3 years. This is due to the decline of physical software sales in the last few years.

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Photo Source: Facebook/GameStop

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