‘Gamestop’ Ventures In the Retailing of Retro Consoles and Video Games

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Gamestop’ Ventures In the Retailing of Retro Consoles and Video Games

A couple of months back, video game retailer “GameStop” from Dallas promised to bring back retro console business. Finally, the brand has announced that it has commenced into the retailing of retro games at its stores in New York City and Birmingham. Read on for more details.

The company ventured into the retailing of older games and consoles via their online stores.  It was after successfully completing the creation of inventory for the last two months.

The brand aims to be a specialized retailer to offer older and out-of-the-way game carts. Some of the products presently at “GameStop” include the “Super Nintendo Entertainment System” (SNES), “Nintendo 64,” the “Sega Genesis,” “PlayStation” and “Dreamcast.”

However, the brand is yet to confirm the addition of more modern retro consoles in the list, such as “GameCube,” “PlayStation 2” and “OG Xbox,” “Game Boy Advance” (GBA), “GameBoy”, “Game Gear” etc.

While most of the games are available at a little expensive level, but the enthusiasts will be able to choose from a diverse collection of the games at one podium. “Chronic Tiger,” one of the most beloved role-playing games (RPGs) of all time, is available at $89.99 on the “Super Nintendo,” which is quite more costly than the “Nintendo DS” version and PSN download of $29.99 and $9.99 respectively.

In an interview with 5NEWS, an employee at a Fayetteville-based “GameStop” store said that they were not having any retro games in the stock at that moment. On the other hand, the “in-store sales of older games and systems of “GameStop” were limited to certain markets.”

He also told that although “GameStop” has announced the selling of retro games, there is no exact schedule when the brand would commence the retailing of retro games in other markets.

With this recent foray of “GameStop” in selling of retro games, the brand will have a tight competition with “GameXChange.” Connecticut-based “GameXChange” is a specialized brand in this domain that has been retailing retro games and consoles for several years.

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Photo Source: Facebook/GameStop

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