Gangster Squad Delayed due to Theater Scene

By admin | 6 years ago

Warner Bros. decided to delay the release of its upcoming film, Gangster Squad. The movie house decided to delay its release due to the movie having a scene that features a big shootout in a Hollywood Chinese theater. Following the massacre that took place last Friday in Colorado, the movie studio put the stops on the release date that was set for September of 2012. The movie, which stars Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn now has been scheduled to hit theaters sometime in January of next year.

Trailers for Gangster Squad, which is set in the 1940s, have featured a great deal in movies the last few weeks. In particular, prior to the viewing of The Dark Knight Rises that also happened to be the movie showing when the gunman entered the theater in Colorado and opened fire of innocent moviegoers killing 12 and wounding close to 60.

In the scene at the Chinese Theater in Gangster Squad, automatic gunfire can be seen and heard ripping through the movie screen as petrified moviegoers run towards the available exits. The movie follows the life of Mickey Cohen, a gangster, and his different attempts at taking control of Los Angeles. Because of the recent real-life massacre in Colorado, executives from Warner Bros. studios have also discussed editing the movie to cut down on the theater shooting or take it out completely.

Besides the aforementioned Gosling and Penn, the movie also stars Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte and Emma Stone.

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