‘General Hospital’ Murder Mystery to Last Only A Month; Kiki Jerome Dr. Silas Clay Killer?

By Martin Suan | 3 years ago
‘General Hospital’ Murder Mystery to Last Only A Month; Kiki Jerome Dr. Silas Clay Killer?
“General Hospital” murder mystery would only last one month.

Following the death of Dr. Silas Clay, “General Hospital” fans are now speculating the identity of the real killer. Is Kiki Jerome the real killer? Read on for more details.

Many were quite disappointed on seeing that Dr. Silas Clay got stabbed in the back and died. The identity of the killer still in mystery and Michael Easton, who played the character, is making a graceful exit.

This caused a healthy debate among followers of “General Hospital” via Soap Central and SheKnows, listing a number of names as to who could be the possible murderer. And the first person that they mentioned to be the most probable criminal was none other than Ava Jerome (Maura West). The outlets think that she is the obvious one.

However, others were not convinced about Ava as the killer. It was because it was said that the identity of the murderer would shock fans. Pointing Ava, for them, was not shocking enough.

Another speculation from a forum member said that Steven/Caleb might be the killer. He went on to say that this would be revealed through a flashback scene.

But if the shocking factor should be based, fans pointed Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) as surprising. How?

One forum member speculated that perhaps Dr. Silas told her all the details about Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), Ava, Ava being Denise, his plan of telling everything to Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner). It was due to Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) thinking that she did it and was going insane again because of it. And because of this, Kiki wanted to protect her mother, resulting to the murder.

There were other characters mentioned as possible killers including Madeline “Maddie” Reeves (Donna Mills), Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), and others. However, everything is still uncertain.

Nevertheless, fans could rejoice that the murder mystery would only last for a month as shown in a new promo video spotted by one of the members in Soap Central forums.

So far, these are the things going on in the “General Hospital” fandom.

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Photo source: Facebook/“General Hospital”

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