‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Dec. 21-24: How will Jason react to Sams’ confession of love to him?

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Dec. 21-24: How will Jason react to Sams’ confession of love to him?
Photograph of General Hospital episode showing Nutcraker Gala.

“General Hospital” is the longest running TV soap in ABC network.  This week is going to bring into forefront the love triangle between Jason, Sam and Elizabeth. The two women have left Jason in a state of confusion. This spoiler is a quick sneak pick to what’s going to happen in “General Hospital” in December 21st Week.

Inquisitr reports that the spoiler that has emerged for Christmas week reveals that Sam is going to confess her love to her husband Jason. Jason meets Sam in Nutcraker Holiday Gala and both shares some romantic moments.

According to Soap spoiler December 21st episode shows the start of holiday gala in a big way. Julian asked an important question to Molly and Kristina.

The episode sneak peak of “General Hospital” shows, Jason Morgans apologizes to Sam for insulting her by calling her a liar in the past. Previously, Sam told Jason that his current beloved Elizabeth knew about his reality for months but on hearing this Jason got irritated with disbelief and told her a liar. In the coming episode Jason will acknowledge Sams’ support to him during his memory loss when he couldnot remember his son and wife. In the meantime Jason noticed that Sam is not wearing her engagement ring so he asks her the reason for not wearing it. To this Sam answers that she has removed it because she feels that she loves Jason more than her present partner.

Soap Central spoiler reports that in December 22nd episode, Alexis and Julian celebrate for some reason. Micheal finds out the truth about  Sabrinas’ pregnancy and confrontation starts between them.

December 23rd episode is going to show Nicholas is provoking Jason and their battle culminate to dangerous result. Sam is upset by Jasons’ sharing close moment with his current girlfriend Elizabeth. Laura is suspicious about Lulus’ behavior and realizes that Lulu is planning something.

In December 24th episode, Robin is going to have an honest conversation with Emma and he makes some promise to her. Jason has flashback of his past life which has memories of Sam. “General Hospital” will not be aired on Christmas Day.

Inquisitr reports that this could be a more vivid memory of Sam with more details of relationship he used to share with her in the past. The rumor says maybe  his flashback will continue to happen in future and reveal more about his past life with Sam. The report says that there is rumour that Jason will give Elizabeth a second chance after finding the truth about her. Now this is a critical phase of this story and audience is waiting to see whom does Jason choose.

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