‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for December 23 -25: Jason and Nikolas Cassadine in a Fierce Feud

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for December 23 -25: Jason and  Nikolas Cassadine in a  Fierce Feud
General Hospital

“General Hospital” spoilers for the period December 23 to December 25  will suggest that there will be a significant life-threatening incident between Nikolas Cassadine and Jason Morgan. The fans of the show know that the duo has been at a loggerhead for some time now, but will shock them after witnessing what happens next that finds Nikolas in a critical condition.

This would be quite a dramatic and great week for the show’s loyal viewers as they would witness the violent rivalry between Nikolas and Jason that may even endanger the latter’s bright future. (Read Jason).

It has been recently revealed by Soap Shows that Nikolas finally realizes that perhaps he would be getting entangled with Jason for one last time as his life may get endangered as he had crossed him.

There will be a fist fight between Jason and Nikolas and it will conclude with viewers seeing Nikolas falling down from a terrace.

But there is another twist to this entire situation. Liz Webber witnesses the entire ghastly episode till the very end when Nikolas fell to the ground from a terrace. Liz might even run up to Nikolas for making an attempt to save his life by giving him first aid.

According to “General Hospital” spoilers, Jordon will try to stop the fight between the two enemies but would only arrive at the spot after Nikolas falls down and Jason seen in a violent fight-mode.

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Latin Post reported that there will be suspicion against Jason for murdering Nikolas. The key person to charge him with the supposed murder would be none other than Hayden Barnes.

Hayden is yet to know that she faced danger from Nikolas and so the spoilers are suggesting that she would be supporting Nikolas in this entire twist to the story.  Jason will be taken into custody by Jordon and Nikolas would be admitted to the General Hospital.

It is indeed a surprising twist as Jason has just begun leading a new life altogether and even be imprisoned due to whatever took place. The question here is whether Jason will get a bail or not.

For that, the viewers of “General Hospital” have to continue watching the upcoming episodes of the show that are aired on ABC on weekdays.

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