General Hospital Spoilers: December 28, 2016

By Alex | 2 years ago
General Hospital Spoilers: December 28, 2016
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The General Hospital spoilers provide all the hints about the upcoming events. As the holiday cheer continues in Port Charles, other updates include a baby custody, New Year’s Day dates, and a lot more.

Will Hayden finally recover? Who would take the custody of Charlotte? Can Sonny find a date for the upcoming event? Find out more about the General Hospital spoilers below.

Finn Continues to Fight

Finn hopes for a miracle that Hayden might finally recover. Sadly, Soap Hub reports that her hard journey to recovery is still not done.

Finn had been there to take care of her. Hayden was previously in a critical condition. A disease, which Finn worked on, has infected her but Finn cured her on time. Did Hayden experience some of the adverse effects of the mysterious disease?

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Laura and Lulu vs Valentin and Nina

Lulu and Nina will fight over Charlotte. It seems that the child is caught between two hopeful mothers. The show revealed Nina’s interest in having her own child led her to seduce Valentin.

The Tuesday episode featured the ongoing battle of the child’s custody. Lulu will do everything to make it happen even if she had to kill someone. Laura informed Lulu that getting the full right is not an easy task and the latter should consider in negotiating.

More General Hospital Spoilers

Sonny feels interested in welcoming the year with positivity. He realized that Carly’s attitude towards him has reached a surprising turn. Now, Sonny wants to invite her as a date. Will Carly accept Sonny’s courageous invitation?

Speaking of New Year’s Day, Nathan and Maxie are excited to have a wedding on the said holiday. Soap Hub also noted that their upcoming marriage will be in danger. It was because Nathan will receive a set of bad news. Can they still push through with the wedding or not?

General Hospital airs on ABC.

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