‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for Next Week: Viewers to witness Jason, Sam and Liz’s Love Triangle

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for Next Week: Viewers to witness Jason, Sam and Liz’s Love Triangle

“General Hospital” spoilers for the upcoming week from December 21 to December 25 will be based on the love Triangle between Jason Morgan, Elizabeth, and Sam. The Christmas special episode will begin with Sam’s revelation to her husband Jason that she is still in love with him. Will the two women in Jason Morgan’s life leave him as confused as ever or will he be able to find his true love?

As per Inquisitr, Jason and Sam will share some intimate and romantic moments on Monday, December 21 after expressing their love. Jason run’s to meet Sam at the Nutcracker Holiday Gala and they share some love moments with each other. “GH” viewers could finally watch a Sam-Jason reunion this week, but things are not going to be good for Liz.

“General Hospital” spoilers suggest that Jason will be seen apologizing to wife Sam for calling her a liar, even after knowing she was his wife and his son’s mother. But it seems like Jason is a bit confused between the love he has for Elizabeth and the one which he feels for his wife. As per spoilers, Jason discovers that her engagement ring is missing and questions Sam.


Sam on the other hand, reveals that she and Patrick Drake decided to break it off, but now she’s feeling bad about it. The source also added that Sam will be confessing to her husband that even though she loved Patrick, it’s not the way she loved Jason. Most probably, viewers can witness a kiss between the two, in the upcoming episodes.

According to “We love Soaps” as reported by The Examiner, Jason and Nikolas will have some sort of dangerous slowdown this week. After all, he is not anymore the same Jason Morgan we knew before. So anything can be expected!

However, according to “GH” spoilers, it appears as though Robin is killed, she will be founded out by Patrick. Meanwhile Julian and Alexis will be getting engaged in the coming “General Hospital” episodes. This week viewers can watch four new episodes of “General Hospital”, instead of three. Now, that looks like a Christmas Gift! Isn’t?


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