General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Loses Custody Over Baby Avery

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Loses Custody Over Baby Avery
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General Hospital” spoilers hint that Michael may lose custody over Avery in the forthcoming episodes of GH.

This article contains spoilers for “General Hospital” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“General Hospital” spoilers tease fans that Michael may lose custody over Baby Avery. Michael previously won custody over Avery after battling against Sonny in court and presenting evidences that prove that Sonny killed his father, AJ.

Spoilers from She Knows Soaps detail that an incident may change Baby Avery’s future, which hint that this incident may cause Michael to lose custody over his daughter. GH fans know that Morgan and Kiki have been trying to get Avery back to her parents, and rumor has it that the two will plot against Michael in an effort to succeed with their plan this time.

Some “General Hospital” rumors claim that Morgan and Kiki will drug Michael in order for him to act wild and crazy and show these evidences in court in order for him to lose custody over Avery.

The outlet hinted that Ric will get an unexpected proposition for the week of April 6. Would it have something to do between Liz and Ric? Viewers and avid fans of GH were able to see them get into some intimate moments and Liz will try to get the truth out of Ric, but it looks like he will still be keeping the truth to himself.

Now that fans are able to understand the mystery behind Luke’s mental state, viewers of “General Hospital” will be able to see him make an appeal, as he realizes that someone out there wants him to pay for his crimes.

On the other hand, Patrick will find himself concerned when he sees that Jake and Sam are getting closer with each other.

Meanwhile, ABC announced that “General Hospital” will telecast two live episodes on May 15 and 18, 2015 via the show’s official Twitter account.

The network announced the news in the form of a video clip with Maurice Bernard (Sonny) and Laura Wright (Carly) in it.

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Photo Source: Facebook/General Hospital

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