‘General Hospital’ spoilers Next week: little bit Romance and Much more Danger Awaits the viewers

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
‘General Hospital’ spoilers Next week: little bit Romance and Much more Danger Awaits the viewers
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“General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming “New year special” episode from December 28 to January 1of ABC soap will be one of the most thrilling episode, ever happened in the history of “General Hospital.” The sneak peak gives us a clue on some danger and blackmail awaiting the residents of Port Charles. Will Jason be blamed for the murder attempt? What’s more in store for the viewers as a New Year Gift?

According to Reality today, a couple from Port Charles will end up getting engaged the next week in “General Hospital.” But, the identity of the couple is still a suspense and is yet to be revealed. But as per rumors, few couples in port Charles are in the suspect list including Robin, Patrik, Sam, Jason and Liz.

However, after Sam’s revelation to Jason that she is still in love with him, you can expect a proposal between Jason and Sam. But with Jason going through lot of troubles after the unpleasant conflicts with Nikolas, the chances are a bit low. But, nothing can be predicted at the moment. According to “General Hospital” spoilers as suggested by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Nikolas may try to use this incident for his advantage.

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Meanwhile, there are speculations that there will be few surprise weddings in 2016 and one of them might be Patrik Drake and Robin’s. At last, that is something which can give us a happy ending. As per “General Hospital” spoilers Robin might confess to Patrick and Emma that she could never live without them. At the same time, Patrick reveals Sam, the state of his mind to choose between Sam and Robin. But, as per spoilers nothing in this World is going to interrupt them from being a family.

Nikolas on the other end holds Jason’s future in his hands. Jason is sorry over the incident happened at the ball, while Nikolas question’s him for his heroism and put all the blame on him. But Spinelli try to convince Nikolas that Jason was a protector and is the best person he had ever come across in his life. So viewers get ready to see Jason and Spinelli’s charged reunion. The close friends are back in action!

As per “GH” spoilers Jason will also have a reunion with Robin and viewers can watch both of them getting a chance to encounter in a significant location. Can’t wait further? Catch the thrilling episodes of ‘General Hospital” every Monday to Friday only on ABC.

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