‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Romance, Revelations, and Robin’s Survival

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Romance, Revelations, and Robin’s Survival

“General Hospital” fans should brace themselves for another exciting week as recent spoilers promised shocking revelations amidst romance and a battle of survival for one of the show’s loved characters.

We have Inquisitr reporting for starters that there will be a lot of scenes featuring Robin. Avid viewers may remember Jerry ordering his people to kill her, together with Patrick. It seems unfortunate that Anna and Robert have arrived too late and failed to save her, but this Monday’s episode will reveal for sure what’s actually in store for Robin.

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One thing we know for sure is that Robin will survive, although how she manages to do so is still not revealed. She will be reunited with Patrick, Robert, and Anna and we will be seeing conversations between Robin and Emma; as well as witnessing Robin make a vow to her. Details hint at the reunion not lasting that long.

Soapshows, on the other hand, reported of Sam’s opening up to Jason, and her eventual confession of love to the guy. It seems that her revealing details about what happened with Patrick let out a floodgate of emotions, thus leading her to lose her control and let her feelings known. Jason was caught off-guard by this sudden revelation and, not knowing what to do, proceeds to end up being in a confrontation with none other than Nikolas.


They also added reports of Paul, well, not really having the night going for him. His meeting with Ava might already be all that he wants but one thing he wasn’t counting on was getting caught. Meanwhile, both Tracy’s and Michael’s rose-colored glasses may come off, as the latter speaks to Sabrina and eventually realizes that he isn’t the father. Nina and Maxie remain oblivious, as they consider the gala a success, at least as far as they know.

You can catch all the exciting developments as “General Hospital” resumes weekdays on ABC.

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