Generation Iron 2 Release Date: Director Talks About Sequel, Trailer Released

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Generation Iron 2 Release Date: Director Talks About Sequel, Trailer Released
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The highly anticipated movie, Generation Iron 2 is set to hit the theaters in the US in May 2017. The film that centers upon body-building and the competitive world is directed by Vlad Yudin.

Yudin has previously directed Generation Iron, the first installment. This has been the first film to commercially cover the world of bodybuilding since 1977’s “Pumping Iron,” reports The Wrap. Generation Iron 2 docudrama is produced by the Vladar Company after the massive success of the original one. Meanwhile, the sequel has recently released an exciting trailer and a poster for Generation Iron 2. Read to know more.

Generation Iron 2 Director Talks About Film

Vlad Yudin feels that for the last several years the industry of bodybuilding and fitness has evolved dramatically. He adds, “New personalities and stars emerge in the sport,” as per aforementioned source.

Further, he states the reason why they have taken much time to create the sequel for Generation Iron. He says, “We waited to make the sequel to ‘Generation Iron’ until we found the right moment and the right characters.”

The cast of Generation Iron 2 is yet to be officially confirmed. And the film appears to be in post-production stage. As per IMDb, the film cast includes Kai Greene, Rich Piana, Calum Von Moger, Iris Kyle, and Mamdouh Elssbiay.

Generation Iron 2 Trailer

The recently dropped trailer of Generation Iron 2 features the tough competition faced by the bodybuilders. It captures their careers high and low moments. As per the aforementioned source, the new clip features popular bodybuilders Rich Piana. He talks about his anabolic steroid use. The trailer also sees Kai Greene and Calum Von Moger.

The clip begins with Rich Piana saying, “I gave everything I had.” He continues, “And I did nothing else but body-building. And not winning just killed me,” he explains.

The trailer also showcases how the social media has impacted the life of these bodybuilders. One can also see the female bodybuilders talking about their difficulties to choose this field. And also the trailer talks about their success stories over the years.

Generation Iron 2

Generation Iron 2 Plotline

The new film focuses on a wider perspective at fitness and bodybuilding industry. It will also show how they take their mission bodybuilding to the next level. At the same time, Generation Iron 2 shows the impact of social media and internet on their careers. And, how it plays a role in determining who the best bodybuilder is!

Watch the trailer here.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Generation Iron

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