Genndy Tartakovsky Confirms ‘Popeye’ Movie In Development, Reveals Why Sony Pulled Him Out of ‘Popeye’ Movie

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Genndy Tartakovsky Confirms ‘Popeye’ Movie In Development, Reveals Why Sony Pulled Him Out of ‘Popeye’ Movie
“Popeye” Movie in active development.

Sony is still developing “Popeye” Movie, according to Genndy Tartakovsky in an interview recently. Will he get to direct the animated film? Read on for more details.

Tartakovsky gave updates about “Hotel Transylvania 2” and mentioned that it will be influenced by his plans for “Popeye” Movie.

It was around this subject that Cartoon Brew asked Tartakovsky about “Popeye” Movie. And first was why Sony pulled him out of the animated film.

Although the general screening for the movie was great and positive, Tartakovsky revealed that Sony did not answer him or gave him feedbacks after. It was also during this time that Sony experienced a series of hack attacks that eventually exposed a handful of top level company secrets and email exchanges.

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Sensing that something weird was going on, Tartakovsky reportedly approached Amy Pascal and asked for information about the status of “Popeye” Movie. Pascal then honestly told Tartakovsky, “Look Genndy, we love you, but we just don’t like Popeye.”

This was reportedly the reason why the animated film was not released until now. However, Tartakovsky said, “I think they’re still developing Popeye, trying to find a way to make it, but just not the way I was making it, which I think was very sincere and respectful to the way Popeye was.”

Previously, a Sony representative also confirmed to Animation Scoop that the movie is still being developed actively and that the company would still release it. The spokesperson went on to say that Tartakovsky will be the one to direct it while doing “Hotel Transylvania 2.”

However in the interview, Tartakovsky was uncertain whether he would take the helm for “Popeye” Movie, saying he does not see it coming back to himself.

This surely creates confusion as to who the director is. But one thing is certain, it is going to hit theaters.

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Photo source: Facebook|“Popeye” Movie

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