George R.R. Martin Hints ‘Winds of Winter’ is Ready for Publishing? Sixth Book to Be Released this Year?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Fans recently took George R.R. Martin’s post about a certain trip as a hint that perhaps “The Winds of Winter” was complete already. Is the book really ready for release this year? Read on for more details.

George R.R. Martin posted in his personal site, Not A Blog, about a trip going to the East Coast, where he mentioned some certain minions toiling in paper mines.

“And while I will be travelling, my army on minions will be here at the old basement, toiling in the paper mines,” Martin said.

Fans then picked this up as a riddle that referred to “The Winds of Winter” novel, implying that perhaps Martin is already finished writing it. One fan even thought that there was something going on.

While this does give fans a reason to be excited since it seemed Martin was referring to a book, with the “paper mines” being the publishers and printers, it was still uncertain if it was indeed “The Winds of Winter” since he had other projects that are currently on progress, such as the “Wild Cards” series.

It was also said that George R.R. Martin, logically, was not hinting to “The Winds of Winter” but to “Wild Cards,” which was the book that he was hoping to get done for final editing, The Inquisitr reported. However, who knows that he might be referring to the sixth book to the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

Fingers crossed that Martin completed “The Winds of Winter” already.

“The Winds of Winter” Plot: Crazy

It could be recalled that Martin hinted some plots about the book, saying that they would definitely be shocking. The upcoming book was going to lead readers to a huge, revealing turn of a long-time character.

“This is going to drive your readers crazy, but I love it,” Martin told Entertainment Weekly.

Martin really knows how to hold fans in suspense.

As for the release date, “The Winds of Winter” was speculated to be released not later than mid-March. But if George R.R. Martin’s post was about “The Winds of Winter,” it could be this year.

Nevertheless, take rumors with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: Facebook/George R.R. Martin

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