Georgina Wilson’s Comment on ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ Finale

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
Georgina Wilson’s Comment on ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ Finale

Filipino models in Star World’s “Asia’s Next Top Model” (AsNTM) have always been runner-ups. From Season/Cycle 1, we have Stephanie Retuya. Next, Katarina Rodriguez and Jodilly Pendre graced Season/Cycle 2. In the current Season/Cycle 3, Monika Sta. Maria almost hit the top prize. Now, what does the host Georgina Wilson have to say about the finale results? After all, she came from the same country as Sta. Maria. Read on for details.

Wilson is taking some time to comment about Sta. Maria’s loss. According to, Wilson had the opportunity to share her opinion during the Tali handbags launch at Tala Manila. However, the only news about Wilson that time was being a trending topic on Twitter.

Wilson also had the opportunity to share her thoughts on social media. But, she only congratulated the newest Indonesian “AsNTM” winner, Ayu Gani, on Instagram by sharing Gani’s high-fashion Harpers cover.

“So proud to see you ride up to the challenge and really give the competition everything you had despite all the fears and insecurities in your head!” Wilson wrote on the caption.

Meanwhile, Sta. Monika herself commented on her loss. She posted a fabulous photo of her on Instagram and wrote an inspiring message on the caption. She admitted being disappointed and sad after her passionate performance in the third season of “AsNTM.”

“Coming so close to the title and placing second, of course it broke my heart that it wasn’t meant to be, I did it for my dream and honestly I really did want to bring home a title to my country…” Sta. Monika stated. “Months after I have learned that it is okay to feel sad in times of defeat. Cry it out, accept the feeling, but most importantly stand up and know that for as long as you continue on your journey, work hard and never give up, trust that there is a greater plan for you!”

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Photo Source: Facebook/Star World

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