Geostrom Trailer Release Date: Three Things To Know About The Film

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
Geostrom Trailer Release Date: Three Things To Know About The Film
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The newly released Geostorm trailer has captivated the viewers with its thrilling scenes. Directed by Dean Devlin, the film follows the story of a scientist that is tasked to prevent the Earth from a dangerous storm.

The first Geostorm trailer is released by Warner Bros. Pictures and Skydance. The trailer features the main cast of this film including The Ugly Truth star Gerard Butler. The highly anticipated film is set to release in the theaters on Oct.20, 2017. Read to know more.

Storyline Of Geostorm

This film is Dean Devlin’s first directorial gig. It unfolds the story of a scientist Jake. He along with his brother Max is given the task to resolve the climate-controlling satellites. These satellites are later responsible for creating an epic storm that tries to wipe out everything on Earth.

When the situation starts deteriorating, all the leaders from the world come together. They discuss a plan to keep everyone on Earth safe from the upcoming natural disaster. But from the trailer, it seems that the plans fail and everyone has been wiped off.

Character Max is played by The Way Back star Jim Sturgess in the film. A sub-plot of the story will see how Max tries to assassinate the president.

Geostorm Trailer

Geostorm Trailer Reveals A Massive Climatic Disaster

In the Geostorm trailer, fans can witness, a massive natural disaster that affects everyone. Actress Abbie Cornish, who plays Agent Sarah in the film, is also spotted in the trailer. She is seen driving her vehicle at night when suddenly a bridge overhead collapses on the road. They are safe as she quickly drives away before the collision takes place.

In another scene, huge waves from the sea shore (Like a Tsunami) are seen taking over the nearby city. People on the sea shore run fast to save their lives before the tsunami kills them. There are scenes showing dangerous lightning and tornados that send chills down the spine!

Geostorm Cast And Other Details

Apart from Butler and Cornish, film Geostorm will see Alexandra Lara (Jake’s lover), Jim Sturgess, Amr Waked, Ed Harris (Leonard Dekkom, Secretary of State) and Andy García (As US President Andrew Palma). Actress Katheryn Winnick has been added to the cast. She will play Jake’s ex-wife in the film.

Dean Delvin is known for creating movies which are based on the natural disaster theme. His previous film Independence Day: Resurgence has been a science fiction movie. In that sci-fi movie, humanity has to fight against the aliens for survival.

Watch the Geostorm trailer here.

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