How to Get Away With Murder Recap: It’s All Her Fault

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How to Get Away With Murder Recap: It’s All Her Fault
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“How to Get Away With Murder” Season 1 Episode 2 “It’s All Her Fault” aired on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, the firm handled a case to defend a husband accused of killing his second wife, an heiress. However, things took an interesting turn when it was learned that this wasn’t the first time his spouse died, giving the firm a challenge. Meanwhile, more pieces of the puzzle were added with regards to how the four student’s covered up Sam Keating’s (Tom Verica) murder and to the case of Lila Stangard. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The firm and the five new interns took on the case of Max St. Vincent (Steven Weber), who was accused of murdering his second wife, Marjorie St. Vincent, an heiress, in their bedroom by stabbing her sixteen times. In order to get a pair of fresh eyes on the case, Professor Annelise Keating (Viola Davis) took her students to the crime scene, where Max reenacted the supposed theory with Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) acting the part of Marjorie.

Back at the office, the entire firm got to work to figure out how they could win the case by perusing the “Murder Book,” a compilation of all the documentation, facts and figures from the prosecution. As Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil), one of Annelise’s associates, realized that there was something wrong in the official police report as Max had told them that three officers had arrested them, whereas the police report had said that there were only two. Annelise then sent Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) to secure the supplementary police report, after she made sure that he had no more doubts when it comes to accepting the job at her firm. After perusing the supplementary police report, he informed Annelise that there was a discrepancy between the police report and the murder book. The murder book informed them that there were only two officers who arrested Max and that the murder weapon, a hunting knife, was found in his garden by Officer Dorsey. However, according to the supplementary police report, there was a third officer present — Officer Mullins — whose name was not reflected on the police report as he was being investigated for “drinking on the job.”

Now that the weapon was out of the picture, the firm set about looking for a way to attack the motive behind the murder. The witness was Mrs. Taylor, Marjorie’s best friend, who claimed that Marjorie had told her one year ago that she was going to divorce Max. Now this became a motive for Max to kill Marjorie because if she divorced him, based on their prenuptial agreement, he would not get any of her inheritance.

However, thanks to Connor’s boyfriend, computer expert Oliver, Connor was able to find a post that Mrs. Taylor had posted on Facebook two months before Marjorie died. The occasion was the couple’s wedding anniversary, and Mrs. Taylor had commented on how in love they were with each other, thus proving that Marjorie was not planning on divorcing Max.

Next up, they needed to prove his alibi that he was indeed walking through the woods. Annelise’s associate, Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) brought Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) and Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) to comb through Max’s neighbor’s trash. Thanks to the fact that Asher found a receipt for a strip club downtown. They were able to get Max’s neighbor to testify that he did in fact see Max walking during the time that Marjorie was murdered.

As the defendants were going to put their first character witness, Max’s daughter Eloise (Laura Coover), on the stand, Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) volunteered to prepare the questions for their rehearsal. Laurel, bothered by the fact that Annelise had identified her as “Frank’s Girl,” asked some advice from Bonnie when she delivered the questions. She told Bonnie that she had given much thought about her question on why they  were there. She then asked Bonnie if Annelise knew her as “Frank’s Girl” because he had chosen her to join the firm. However, Bonnie just told her to stop wasting time and to use her time to make sure that Annelise would know her name.

During the trial, Eloise answered all of Annelise’s questions and told the court that Max would have never hurt Marjorie. However, the prosecution startled everyone with a revelation of their own. Eloise had been told that her birth mother, Elizabeth Simms, had died of a car crash. However, they had discovered that Elizabeth’s death was ruled as a murder and that Max had killed her by precisely slitting her throat in order to be with Marjorie, whom he was having an affair with at that time. He was then acquitted and had changed his name from Stuart Simms to Max St. Vincent and, together with Marjorie and Eloise, had started a new life.

Frank later on learned that somebody had leaked this information to the prosecution and had shared this only with Annelise, who knew that whoever was the leak, was also the main suspect.

The entire team went back to the crime scene to take a look and see if they could use anything else to help win their case. Looking around, Laurel noticed that Max was a hunter. If he was a hunter, he would know precisely how to kill.

At court, Annelise questioned Max St. Vincent, who admitted to killing Elizabeth by swiftly slitting her throat. He then revealed that he was an expert hunter and demonstrated precisely on how to slaughter an animal humanely. This bore direct relation to the case, as was seen when Annelise questioned the Medical Examiner who studied both reports. Based on the fact that the second one was done messily, the medical examiner deduced that the one who killed Marjorie had no knowledge of anatomy, while the first wife’s murder was done by someone who knew anatomy. This confirmed the fact that the murders were performed by two separate people. As they waited for the verdict, Wes told Annelise an interesting theory — that Eloise had done it. His theory was that Eloise had found out about how Max had murdered her birth mother and had exacted revenge by murdering Marjorie, framing him for it. As Annelise smiled, she recalled the document that Frank had shown her about the leak. It turned out that the one who had emailed the prosecution was Eloise, who had just returned from Switzerland, where she found out the truth about her mother’s death.

In the end, Max St. Vincent was declared not guilty for the murder of Marjorie St. Vincent, and the firm won their case.

More clues to the puzzle that were the flash forwards were added in this episode. While waiting in the forest for Wes, Michaela panicked as he was taking quite some time to go to them. She started to worry that Wes and somebody else involved in the murder may have already informed the police in order to pin the murder on them. However, Connor told her that Wes would never do such a thing. However, according to Michaela, “she” could have convinced him to do so. She then proceeded to say that everything was “her fault,” but Laurel reminded her that they all had a part in the murder. When Wes got back to them, it was revealed that he ran late because he had gotten the murder weapon, the trophy, out of the study. The four classmates then were divided on what to do with the body. Two wanted to leave it in the house, while two other wanted to get the body out of the house. Wes decided that they would decide via a coin toss. If it landed on heads, they would get the body; but if it landed on tails, they would leave the body. However, Wes told them, despite the fact that tails had come out, that it was heads, and they would have to get the body.

While Wes was buying kerosene and matches and other supplies, he bought a burner phone to contact someone in Room 203. He then told the person on the other end of the line that they had done it, that they would protect her, and that it took some convincing. He had managed to convince everyone to do what they both wanted. After burning the body, Wes went to motel Room 203, where Rebecca was. The two hugged, and Wes promised her that everything was over and that he would always protect her and never abandon her.

New pieces of information were also added throughout the episode regarding Annelise and Sam’s relationship, and the case of Lila Stangard, the missing girl on campus who had ended up dead in a sorority house’s water tank.

Annelise, suspicious of her husband who was tasked to help out doing grief counseling work for those who needed help in coping with Lila Stangard’s tragic death, checked his email on his phone while he was taking a bath. She discovered that Lila and him had exchanged several emails, but most of the emails had to do with school work and consultation sessions. However, she did find it curious that most of Lila’s emails to Sam were all signed with the letter L. Because of this, Annelise confronted Sam and asked him if he slept around with Lila. To this, he told her that he was just her teacher and did not have a relationship with Lila.

Meanwhile, Wes learned that Lila’s boyfriend, football star Griffin O’ Reily, was questioned by the police regarding Lila’s disappearance. This made him remember that he had once seen Griffin angrily walking out of Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay), Wes’ neighbors apartment, after the two had a fight. Because of this, Wes assumed that Rebecca and Lila were friends and gave her his condolences. However, Rebecca told him that she and Lila were not friends.

Later on, Sam planned a romantic dinner for Annelise after she won the Max St. Vincent case. While he went downstairs to grab a bottle of wine from their wine cellar, Annelise checked his email again, only to find that all of Lila’s emails to him had been erased.

Excusing herself for a while, Annelise went to Detective Nate Lahee’s apartment and asked him to investigate on where Sam was on the night of Lila’s disappearance. She wanted him to help her find out the truth about her husband. She needed to know if he killed Lila or not.

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