How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Smile, or Go to Jail

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How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Smile, or Go to Jail
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“How to Get Away With Murder” Season 1 Episode 3 “Smile, or Go to Jail” aired on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, the team represented Paula Murphy, whose simple case turned out to be more complicated after they learned her true identity — she had planted a bomb years ago, which killed one man. Meanwhile, the flash forwards revealed that Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) was indeed in the house during the murder of Dr. Sam Keating (Tom Verica) and that the four decided to try to establish their alibi. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Two months earlier, Aiden Walker and Michaela Pratt (Naomi Aja King) spent a night together and planned their future together before she was summoned to go to Professor Annelise Keating (Viola Davis), as they were picking up a new client at jail.

At the precinct, Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), who wanted to see Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay), was denied access as he wasn’t a lawyer. However, Wes noticed that Griffin O’ Reily (Lenny Platt), the football star and boyfriend of Lila Stangard’s who was also charged with murder, along with Rebecca, was able to post bail.

Meanwhile, David Dolan, the university president, asked Annelise to represent Griffin in the trial against him and Rebecca. However, she told them that she would have to think about it. She then called Detective Nate Leahy (Billy Brown), her boyfriend, to ask if he had found anything about her husband’s whereabouts the night Lila was murdered. Nate assured her that he was taking care of it.

At Yale, he asked one of psychology professors whether he could get a recording of Dr. Keating’s lecture. However, much to his surprise, he learned that he did not turn up for the lecture, as he had cancelled due to food poisoning.

Michaela came late and was caught kissing with Aiden, whom she introduced to all of them. However, much to Michaela’s surprise, Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) knew Aiden, as they had gone to the same boarding school many years ago.

At the precinct, they picked up Paula Murphy, a woman who was caught having a sexual encounter with another man at the park. Annelise helped her out because she was a friend of a friend, and it was important to build up a client base.

However, as they left the precinct, the FBI came and arrested Paula, who was really Elena Aguilar, who was wanted for the 1994 bombing of the World Financial Institute, which had killed a janitor. She was also part of an anti globalization group called the Red Letter Brigade. The ringleader, Gabriel Shaw, was in jail and so was another woman accomplice. One was not in jail, and some had died. As the District Attorneys were offering a plea deal for ten years, she was inclined to take it, until Annelise told her that she might have a chance at winning the case.

Back at the office, Annelise stripped Connor of his trophy as he had doubted her ability to solve the case. She then told them and their class that they would be using the mind control defense for this case.

Annelise showed using the first witness that Gabriel Shaw had deprived them of food for seven days. The member who was a witness claimed that it was voluntary fasting, but Annelise told them that food deprivation is actually one step in how to control the mind of a person. Another witness, who was also a member of the Red Letter Brigade, proved that Gabriel did not consult anyone at all when he decided to bomb the World Financial Institute.

Back at the office, as Annelise was not treating Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) like a lawyer, they begin to say that they knew that he wasn’t a real lawyer. However, Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza), of all people, came to his defense. All of a sudden, Lila’s cell phone, which Wes had found underneath Rebecca’s bathroom sink cabinet and was password protected, rang. They guy on the other phone was asking for Lila because he knew that Lila could “hook him up.”

Annelise then instructed Frank to find Gabriel so that they could try to convince him to testify on Elena’s behalf. He then promised that he would do anything to make sure that Elena would be free. On their way back, Elena laughed at the backseat of the car and told them that back then, they had fought for something, and that was precisely why she was missing now.

At dinner, Sam revealed that he did not get the job offer at Yale. Detective Nate discovered more proof that Sam had not gone to Yale at all that night.

While the team waited for word on Gabriel Shaw, Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) told them that they would be meeting a new potential client— Griffin O’ Reily. During his interview, he told them that he had gone to a fraternity party and that Lila had not come as they were mad at each other. He then called Rebecca up because some of his friends needed some coke, and Rebecca was a drug dealer. However, when he got to her apartment, he and Rebecca started having sexual relations with each other. However, Lila walked in on them, and in anger, she scratched Griffin. He then said that it was Rebecca who had texted Lila, and when he left, Rebecca was smiling. He told them that Rebecca was the one who killed Lila.

Wes could not believe that Rebecca would ever do that, so he created a fake lawyer’s identification card so that he could talk to Rebecca. However, she refused to tell him what was on Lila’s phone and alerted the guards that Wes was only a law student. As he was brought out, he told her that Griffin was going to pin the murder on her.

At the office, Laurel asked permission to go to the Law Review party at a nearby bar. Frank persuaded Bonnie to let her go and went to the party, only to find her being chatted up by a guy from Legal Aid.

Meanwhile, Michaela and Aiden fought as Connor revealed that they once had a fling when they were younger.

He was picked up the next morning by Annelise, who was furious at the fact that Wes had not told her that he was next-door neighbors with the other suspect. However, Wes argued that it was not fair that Griffin could get the best lawyers in the country, but since Rebecca was poor, she could not get anything, and that she was  just a pawn in the whole scheme of things that’s why she needed Annelise’s help. However, Annelise just ushered him to court.

At  court, the prosecution, surprisingly, called Gabriel Shaw to the stand. He testified that it was Elena who had the idea of planting the bomb and revealed that they had been lovers, and he still loved her very much.

Annelise was furious and, realizing that the prosecution had given him a deal, asked him what they offered — early release. During the entire time he was on the stand, he would look at Elena, and the two exchanged several looks. The judge then gave them a three-hour recess, which meant that they had three whole hours to figure out a defense.

Michaela got a hold of the detective in charge of the case and was able to gain access to the prison call logs. There, she learned that Shaw had received six calls from a woman named Jane Santora since Elena’s last visit there — Santora was Elena’s maiden name.

At court, Michaela was about to hand Annelise the files and tell her what she found, but the trial was held as Elena had gone missing. It turned out that Elena had eloped with a now free Gabriel Shaw.

After everything, Michaela handed the files over to Annelise who warned her to “choose her husband very carefully.”

Annelise then met up with Nate, who lied to her and told her that Sam had been at Yale the night Lila was murdered. She then told him that she missed him, but he just told her to go back to her husband.

Back at Michaela’s apartment, she was shocked to find that Aiden was still there. There, he reassured her that the wedding was still on and that he was not the guy. Connor had been the only guy he had slept with. She then told him to “be very sure” because she had no qualms on divorcing him and ruining his political career forever. He apologized, and the two reconciled.

Annelise then told the university president her decision with regards to representing Griffin. To everyone’s surprise, she chose to represent Rebecca Sutter and gave the trophy to the dedicated person who “spoke up for the pawns” — Wes.

However, at the precinct, they learned that Rebecca had confessed to everything on tape.

The flash forwards once again brought the viewers to the night of the bonfire. Inside Annelise’s house, Laurel stared at the dead body of Sam on the floor, while Wes covered Rebecca in a jacket and held her close. Michaela, unable to process everything that had just happened, started to panic. Connor came in and told Michaela to stand up, while Laurel tried to calm her down gently. After the coin toss, they decided to get the body and burn it so that all the evidence and DNA would be destroyed. Connor agreed as the bonfire that was happening could cover up the smoke. Laurel then realized that the bonfire could be their alibi. They attended and started taking selfies to establish that they were there. Laurel and Wes enjoyed themselves at the party, while Connor forced Michaela to smile, telling her to “smile, or go to jail.” After they got the body into Connor’s car and went to a convenience store. However, Michaela broke down once more as she had lost her engagement ring.

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