Giada De Laurentiis Gets an Expensive Divorce; Her Affair with Bobby Flay Confirmed?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Giada De Laurentiis Gets an Expensive Divorce; Her Affair with Bobby Flay Confirmed?
Giada de Laurenttiis

It is official now!!! Giada De Laurentiis gets  a real expensive divorce from her husband Todd Thompson for her rumored affair with Bobby Flay.

It is not pleasant when one hears marriages of several high-profile personalities going to the drains. In fact the separations can be nastier and bitter if there are no prenuptial agreements.

Giada De Laurenttiis separated ways from Todd Thompson after 11 years of their marriage but the split has been one of the most expensive splits. There have been rumors about her affair with Bob Flay doing rounds.

TMZ has got hold a copy of the divorce of this celebrity chef couple and it seems that Laurentiis has to pay $9,000 to her ex-husband Todd every month for child support. As a part of their divorce settlement, Todd is also supposed to get the $3.2 million house in Pacific Pallidas.

It has been also decided that the ex-couple will maintain their own cars while they are also splitting up their bank accounts. None of them will be entitled to get spousal support as they are both affluent and are doing pretty well for themselves.

Todd will be able to retain his Porsche according to the divorce settlement.

According to TMZ‘s recently published report , Todd has an estimated wealth of $15 million and Giada is worth $20 million. Finally, they have agreed to have the joint custody of Jade Marie, their seven-year old daughter.

While the good news for Giada Laurentiis is that she will be able to keep her brand from being taken away from an untitled Italian book’s rights and Linguine Pictures, her own production company, she has to give 50 percent to Todd for all her unpaid advances of cookbooks that are under progress.

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