Giada De Laurentiis Opens Up About Her Fame And Career; Celebrity Chef Reveals Relationship With Bobby Flay?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Giada De Laurentiis Opens Up About Her Fame And Career; Celebrity Chef Reveals Relationship With Bobby Flay?
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Giada de Laurentiis is best-known for her mouth watering foods. She became a household name alongside with her Food Network partner, Bobby Flay, and now, she is ready to share a little bit about herself. Read On!

According to Washington’s Top Post, before her October 24 event for the 10th annual Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show, Giada de Laurentiis had a chat with WTOP to discussed a little bit about everything from her fame to her career as a celebrity chef. Was she also ready to open up about her dating rumors with Bobby Flay?

In her interview, de Laurentiis admitted that she never had any interest to become a celebrity in the first place even though she grew up in a movie family and they’ve been in the film business for so long.

De Laurentiis continued by saying that she never imagined doing what she’s doing right now.

“It’s one of those things that kind of just happened, and I think sometimes in life, you can run, but you can’t hide.” –WTOP

However, now she thinks that being in front of the camera and being able to show her skills in cooking has done a great deal for her.

“I always say that being in front of the camera is like therapy — getting to know who you are and being faced with the reality of who you are. It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror 24-7. So you kind of have to accept who you are very quickly in order to make it happen.” –via WTOP


Moreover, de Laurentiis opened up a bit about her divorce when she discussed her new show in Food Network and her new book “Happy Cooking.”

The 45-year-old celebrity chef confessed that her life after her divorce with Todd Thompson made her rethink her life a little bit.

De Laurentiis said that she’s been with Thompson since she was 19 years old so she’s used to having him around, and when she got divorced last year (that was finalized this year) everything changes.

She went on by saying that since her divorce, many things just went on in her life for a year, so she thought of figuring out how to survive the sudden changes in her life—“I needed to figure out how I was going to transition out of what I was doing and do something new — something that wasn’t revolutionary, but still new.”

“I think when you’re married for a long time, your identity becomes part of that other person, so when that doesn’t happen anymore, you kind of have to rethink who you are. And that takes time.” –via WTOP

Apparently, the divorce was not openly accepted by the public as de Laurentiis has been in dating rumors with her fellow celebrity chef, Flay, who also had his divorced this year.

Ever since the pair announced their divorced with their respective partners and was also spotted together in a restaurant, rumors about having more than friends relationship surfaced. Starcasm even reported that Flay sold his apartment in Manhattan just to be with de Laurentiis in West Coast.


De Laurentiis, however, refuted her relationship with Flay claiming that they are only good friends, but people still doubt her relationship with the 50-year-old chef.

Moving on, de Laurentiis revealed she’s been trying to figure out herself again after her divorce last year and admitted that it really takes time. Luckily, during the time of her healing process, her new show came “Giada in Italy” where she was given a chance to live in the country for a year.

De Laurentiis also shared her newest show, “Giada’s Holiday Handbook” that will air this November. Aside from that, the chef happily announced her new book “Happy Cooking” which is about transition in recipes over time.

“I found a lot of solaces and I found a lot of comfort in cooking in this last year, and it really helped me through a lot of hard times. It brought a lot of joy and happiness to me and to my daughter.”—via WTOP

Photo Source: Facebook| Giada De Laurentiis

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