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It seems that another hottest couple of 2015 is on the making with news of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid seen together on several occasion lately. Thsi has led to speculations that the couple must be dating each other. Read on to find more about what all they are doing to express their newly found love for each other.

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The speculation started on Sunday, after they were seen leaving the American Music Awards ceremony together. Soon after they were spotted on their first romantic date. It is said that Zayn is smitten by Gigi and tries to keep her close to him as “girls like her don’t come around often”.

On November 24th the two were seen enjoying each other’s company over dinner in Los Angeles. Bella Hadid, Gigi’s sister also tagged along with them. Sources reported that the two just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were seen whispering to each other all the while, holding each other’s hands and Zayn was also seen holding Gigi’s leg. There was a lot of PDA on the dinner date leaving the onlookers happy and excited. Gigi was always beside her new found love and wouldn’t leave him for a moment. She was even seen following Zayn when the latter went out for a smoke break.

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It has been just few weeks that the good-looking couple has started seeing each other and they have started taking immense interests in each other’s life. As per reports Zayn finds his girlfriend sweet and also likes the fact that she is attached to her family and values them a lot.

It seems that the 20 year old model has moved on really fast after her previous break up that happened recently. Gigi was earlier into a relationship with singer Joe Jonas which ended this November. The reasons being cited were not being able to spend time with each other due to their busy schedules. Stay tuned to remain updated about their love life.

Picture Source: Facebook/ Gigi Hadid

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