The TV Series To Thank For “Gilmore Girls” Reboot

By Adie | 2 years ago
The TV Series To Thank For “Gilmore Girls” Reboot
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While the ending of “Gilmore Girls” back in 2007 tidied up most lose ends, and did give fans and viewers of the show an acceptable goodbye, there is no doubt of an itch that could not have been scratched without a reboot of the show. Luckily enough, Netflix decided to take on the challenge, and the show’s  creator and original executive producer, Amy Sherman-Palladino, was on board. Now Sherman-Palladino is divulging what got her to jump on, and it has everything to do with “Sherlock.”

Initially, Sherman-Palladino did not like the idea of rebooting the television series, in the same original format of the show. As Entertainment Weekly quotes, she had said that, “We wanted to do it off-network and without commercials.” The writer then had to look for other options, and fortunately found some in a BBC production.

As Gilmore News confirms, Sherman-Palladino was heavily into “Sherlock” at the time, and loved the format of the series. She enjoyed that it was shown as a “little mini-movie,” and felt that it would work well with “Gilmore Girls.” She also continued to say that this specific format had the capability to stand on its own, and could be enjoyed by viewers who did not follow the original seven seasons. “We wanted to do something that broadened it in a sense,” she had said, before adding that the team did not want to reboot the show “just for the cool kids.”

During initial discussions, Sherman-Palladino had shared the idea with Lauren Graham, who plays the lead role of Lorelai Gilmore. According to the actress, Sherman-Palladino had explained the revival over lunch and how “she really laid out what her thought was about it… talking about the model of ‘Sherlock’ as both the amount of time and also the way they do specials.”

Now there’s another reason to love “Sherlock!”

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