Gimme the Loot Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Gimme the Lootfeatures two teenagers trying to make a mark on the New York graffiti scene. They build each other up despite being their differences. Malcolm (Ty Hickson) and Sofia (Tashiana Washington) are struggling to find respect as their mural is vandalized by other graffiti artists.

Malcolm and Sofia devise a plan to get respect by tagging the Big Apple Balloon located in the Met Stadium. The stunt is not done by any street artist before because it is not something that can be done easily.

In order to do the task, they find a guy who knows someone who can sneak them into the stadium. But the bad news is that they must pay him in order to get him to risk his job. The movie shows how the pair tries to achieve their plan.

Malcolm is an over-confident teenager, who is both a goof and a ladies’ man. Sofia is a strong girl who is trying to hold her own in the male dominated world of graffiti artists. In order to come up with the money needed for their plan, Malcolm must be able to con a middle class student.

Malcolm’s confidence goes away whenever Sofia is around. They learn from their mistakes. Sofia is not romantically interested with Malcolm but she still wants his approval. Malcolm tries to find solutions to problems to impress Sofia. The chemistry between the two feels natural and the rapport flows naturally between them.

Hickson and Washington give heartfelt performances in Gimme the Loot. The director Adam Leon gives the movie a documentary feel. It has a fevered pace that gives the movie a sense of urgency so that viewers feel the rush Malcolm and Sofia feel while trying to do their project.

Gimme the Loot shows the struggles of young artists. It is cynical and bitter. And yet it shows a sweet friendship of two teen graffiti artists as they attempt to di the grandest tag in New York.

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