Gina Liano: ‘Drag Queen in Melbourne, Sophia Loren in Italy’ – Real Housewives of Melbourne

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Gina Liano: ‘Drag Queen in Melbourne, Sophia Loren in Italy’ – Real Housewives of Melbourne

The “Real Housewives of Melbourne” (RHOMelbourne) star Gina Liano stood out from her book launch event because of her colorful and vibrant look. Not to mention her fake tan. What does the reality TV star have to say about people criticizing her beauty and fashion standard? Read on to find out.

In Mail Online‘s exclusive coverage, the 47-year-old Italian beauty arrived elegantly from a sleek car to enter her event at Dymocks bookshop in George Street, Sydney. She recently released her autobiography entitled “Fearless: My Life, My Way.” Her partner, Dean Giannarelli, was certainly present.

Liano was all-smiles to her waiting fans. She willingly posed with them for a picture beside her life-sized book cover. Her autobiography focuses on her struggle with colorectal or bowel cancer. It risked her life to only 34 percent survival rate.

Liano’s red dress definitely flaunted her voluptuous curves. The reality star also sported her luxurious jewelry, all of the same design. Despite the cold weather, she chose to leave her legs bare. As always, her makeup was too sharp with dark smokey eyes, meticulously-shaped brows, bloody red lips and bright rosy blush.

The “RHOMelbourne” star explained to The Australian Weekend magazine that her fashion sense is European-inspired. She emphasized that women in Europe actually have the same beauty standard as hers. People in Melbourne might see her as a drag queen, but Liano said that her look is so “Sophia Loren” in Italy.

She also told Daily Mail Australia that she never went outside without any makeup on. She honestly admitted that she would scare people with her bare face. She also admitted putting too much makeup in front of the camera and described herself as if she “had fallen into a vat of Crayola.” She blamed her inexperience as an entertainment persona. She realized that bright lights could intensify her makeup.

Liano added that she is solely loyal to MAC makeup. She admitted that she could finish one compact powder every month. Aside from makeup, she is also a sucker for shoes that she buys high heels every week.

The fabulous criminal lawyer considered her mother, Anita, as her inspiration for fashion. Same goes to her sisters, Bettina and Teresa, who pursued their dream as fashion designers.

“RHOMelbourne” Season 2 also stars Pettifleur Berenger, Gamble Breaux, Chyka Keebaugh, Janet Roach, Jackie Gillies and Lydia Schiavello. It airs every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo and every Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on Arena.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Real Housewives of Melbourne


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