Gina Liano Loses Grace on Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion

By Ambika Thakur | 4 years ago
Gina Liano Loses Grace on Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion
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Australian reality television series “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” has been ruling the ratings since premiering in February.  Australian audiences always wait impatiently to watch the next episode of the show. The reason behind the unparalleled success of the show is the scandalous story-line of housewives Lydia Schiavello and Andrea Moss outwardly singling out Gina Liano.

Lydia and Andre‘s bullying was making Gina the country’s implausible new golden girl among masses and media. But all of a sudden the show took and unexpected twist on the first installment of the series’ two-part reunion episode when the other side of Gina’s temperament was unfolded for the very first time.

After being the target of the other housewives’ irrelevant wrath all season, Gina tried to avenge herself and take every opportunity she could to hit back at her fellow contestants during the reunion.The real twist in the story came when Alex Perry played an exclusive footage of mean remarks Gina had made on the show.

Concluding the episode, it seems that all of the real housewives were behaving unreal. All of them have been in the wrong at this way or that way except Chyka. Undoubtedly Andrea and Lydia behaved like bitch bullies during the entire season. But in the end Gina also has shown her real self.

By the end of the episode they finally got to covering Gina’s much hyped legal e-mail. Both Gina and Andrea had valid points, over which they were fighting. Then, Chyka tried to resolve the issue and summed up Gina’s legal e-mail with a terse and rational concluding statement.

“I understand that Gina is in law,” stated Chyka in a article.

“So therefore, sending a letter like that to her is probably something that she does all the time. I think if anyone else had received that letter, you would read it and you’d be shocked and you’d be hurt. I would’ve read that letter and took it as a threat. But my understanding is, like a lot of the things that have happened, it’s called misunderstanding and miss-communication. Gina did something that she thought was the right thing to do, [but] it didn’t come across that way, [and] it was read the wrong way,” added Chyka.

Gina then asked for forgiveness, Andrea acknowledged it. Then the ladies started arguing about “the c word” all over again and the drama continued. Real Housewives fans have already took the show’s official Facebook page by storm. Fans are blaming that producers edited the show to make Gina look awful.

Keep reading on for more exciting and juicy details coming up.  For more entertainment don’t forget to watch “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” season 1 second reunion show on 8:30 pm on May 11, 2014.

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