Gina Liano Sells Her Dresses from ‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ Season 2

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Gina Liano Sells Her Dresses from ‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ Season 2

Gina Liano is not only a barrister and a local celebrity in Australia. She also has an eye for business. As “Real Housewives of Melbourne” (RHOMelbourne) Season 2 came to a full stop, the “bling queen” started to sell some of her sparkly dresses on eBay. Read on for details.

Liano, who became an eBay member since Aug. 24, 2011, is currently upholding quite a reputation on the site. She has 100 percent positive feedback and 146 followers so far. A buyer thanked Liano for the beautiful dress which was in “perfect condition.” Another satisfied customer thanked the barrister for the “fast service.”

Four dresses from the second season are currently on sale. Liano’s blingy blue, peacock-themed and shiny white dresses are all worth US$ 158.18 (AU$ 200). The most expensive one is the hot pink dress, worth US$ 175.98 (AU$ 222.50), which Liano used in a photo shoot for “RHOMelbourne.”

The fashionable lawyer previously considered returning to her profession. In an interview with in April 21, she opened up about how difficult it is to tolerate “monstrous behavior.” She started to think out of the box and realized that she missed being an attorney. Liano said she might let go before Season 3 starts because being a Housewife is “a bit degrading.”

“I don’t like the fact I find it humiliating, the treatment and the behavior, I don’t know if I would do that again,” Liano said.

Despite the negative things she has experienced on the show, Liano still believed that “RHOMelbourne” helped her to be successful in other fields such as writing. Her fame as a Housewife was helpful for the launch of her autobiography.

“RHOMelbourne” has no word yet regarding Season 3’s premiere date.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Real Housewives of Melbourne


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