Girl Meets World: Girl Meets World of Terror

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Girl Meets World: Girl Meets World of Terror
Rowan Blanchard (“Girl Meets World”) at Redlight Traffic’s inaugural Dignity Gala (Michelle Tiu / Neon Tommy)Wikimedia Commons

“Girl Meets World” Season 1 Episode 11 “Girl Meets World of Terror” aired on Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. on the Disney Channel. In the Halloween special, Auggie Matthews (August Maturo) narrated three Halloween tales for the viewers. Farkle Minkus (Corey Fogelmanis) faced his fear of balls and softballs; Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) faced her fear of sleeping over at her best friend Maya Hart’s (Sabrina Carpenter) house; and Auggie faced his fear of the monster living underneath his bed. Read on to learn more about this episode.

In the first story, Farkle unsuccessfully tried to convince his history teacher and Riley’s father, Cory Matthews (Ben Savage), to write a note to get him out of gym class. He was afraid of gym class as they were playing softball. He was also afraid of Maya being the pitcher.

Since it was raining outside, they moved their softball game to inside the gym, where Farkle, the batter, had to face Maya, who was the pitcher. He then revealed to his gym teacher that he was afraid of getting hit by balls and by public humiliation. However, this did not move his teacher, who still made him go up to bat.

Because of the different scared poses that Farkle was assuming each time she threw the ball at him, Farkle was able to gain two balls. Lucas, the shortstop on Maya’s team, switched places with her and threw the ball as hard as he could so that he could deliberately hit Farkle’s arm. After this, Farkle realized that getting hit by a ball wasn’t so bad after all and challenged Maya to pitch to him, which she did. After throwing the ball to a now confident Frakle, he hit a home run.

The second story centered on Riley, who was scared of Maya’s room and refused to sleep over there. Every time Maya invited Riley to sleep over, she wakes up the next morning to find that Riley had been picked up by Cory, as she was scared of Maya’s room. However, for Halloween, Riley’s father and Maya break the tradition of sleeping over at Riley’s as Maya decided that they would be having their Halloween sleepover at Maya’s place.

As the girls got ready for bed, Riley started to get scared of many different things, such as Maya’s pet ferret, Maya’s grandmother, and the shadows on her wall of a rabbit growing bigger and bigger, as there was a neon sign right outside with a rabbit growing bigger. Maya, in an effort to make sure that Riley does fall asleep, decided to cover her window with a sheet of cloth. However, the two girls get the scare of their lives when they see two monster shadows on the curtain.

It is then revealed that the two monsters were Lucas and Farkle, who were passing by after going trick or treating with each other. Afterwards, Riley revealed that she was scared of Farkle’s monster mask, until he took it off and revealed that it was only him, and Farkle was not scary at all. Riley then came to the conclusion that if you looked at the neighborhood without the “mask” on, it is not so scary after all. The two then stayed up for a little while longer to take in the view of Maya’s neighborhood, which Riley said was beautiful.

The third story centered around Auggie who was afraid of the monster living underneath his bed. He constantly called for his mother, Topanga (Daniel Fishel) and his father, Cory (Ben Savage) who both reassured him that there was no monster underneath his bed. Cory then gave him his favorite stuffed toy, Mr. Googly, to comfort him. When Cory had gone, Auggie lowered Mr. Googly to the the floor to tell the monster under his bed to leave him alone. However, doing this caused Mr. Googly to disappear under the bed, and to his surprise, he got a red stuffed toy. Wanting to get his stuffed toy back, Auggie negotiated with whatever was under his bed to get Mr. Googly back, and in return, he would give back the red stuffed toy.

The monster under the bed then remarked that he would have never hurt Mr. Googly as he would have never hurt anybody, but Auggie told him that he scares him. The monster then called Auggie “the monster over the bed” and told him that he was the one that was scary. Realizing that the monster was very scared, Auggie peaked down under the bed to make sure that he was alright. However, to his surprise, the monster came out from under the bed to introduce himself, which made Auggie scream for his mother.

Cory and Topanga then came rushing in and tucked Auggie into bed so tightly, that no monster would be able to get him. When they left, it was revealed that the monster was beside him. Curious, Auggie asked the monster why he could see the monster, when at other times he couldn’t. The monster then revealed that he was showing himself to Auggie as he was going to say goodbye to him. Auggie then learned that monsters could not have friends, like they were, and that the monster had to leave because Auggie was not scared of him anymore.  Before he left, he gave Auggie a box of toys — toys which Auggie had thought that he had lost. It turned out that the monster played with them while Auggie was at school. He then bade Auggie goodbye and told him to remember him.

Cory and Topanga come into Auggie’s room one last time to make sure that he was okay. Auggie then reassured them that “there was nothing to be scared of anymore.”

As the episode closed, Auggie, the narrator, thanked the audience for watching and hoped that the audience has realized that sometimes, the things that we are scared of “aren’t as scary as they seem.” As he bid the audience goodbye, he hints that “maybe next year,” on Halloween, he “would spend it at your house.” Saying this, Auggie peeled of the mask off his face to reveal the Monster under the bed.

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