Girl Meets World Pilot Episode Recap

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Girl Meets World Pilot Episode Recap
Rowan Blanchard (“Girl Meets World”) at Redlight Traffic’s inaugural Dignity Gala (Michelle Tiu / Neon Tommy) photo by: Redlight Traffic’s Inaugural Dignity Gala

“Girl Meets World” (GMW) Season 1 Pilot Episode aired on Friday, June 27, 2014, at 9:45 p.m. on Disney. Riley took a stand in the homework rebellion led by Maya. Read on to learn more about this episode including some reviews about the show.

Previously on “Girl Meets World,” Riley (Rowan Blanchard) took a stand with the homework rebellion led by her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter). It was all for the purpose of becoming more like her angst-driven buddy that caused a gap in her relationship with her father (Ben Savage). All she ever wanted was to step out of her father’s shadow and be the independent girl she claims to be. She proved that point by siding with the devious beliefs of her best friend.

After all of the fuss, she later realized that she didn’t have to deviate and just be the way she is without having to be like Maya. With this, she hoped that she can change Maya for the better instead of having her turning for the worse.

Later in the episode, Lucas (Peyton Meyer) was introduced, who could possibly be Riley’s.

At the end of the episode, Cory finally understood her demise and gave Riley her personal Metrocard, signifying that her father now passed the torch of (little) responsibility to the little lady who was in a hurry to grow up.

According to TV Fanatic’s review, it’s evident that this series was no longer centered on Cory’s world, which meant that we’ll only be seeing excerpts of him and more of his daughter, thus the birth of Riley’s world.

Riley was clearly the female version of her father: a great combination of adorable and charming. The series started off signifying the exploration of her own world with the help of her best friend Maya. Another character was also shown in the person of Farkle Minkus (Corey Fogelmanis). At this pace, GMW depicted undoubted lessons in the classroom whilst focusing on life lessons as well, which showed the parallelism of Cory and Shawn in “Boy Meets World.”

Entertainment Weekly reported that the series has definitely depicted the elements of modern Disney: bright and colorful production setting, widely presented jokes and devout life lessons. It was why it came to no surprise that this show was undoubtedly Disney — a show for the new generation and a new version of the Matthews to be fond of.

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