Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice
Rowan Blanchard (“Girl Meets World”) at Redlight Traffic’s inaugural Dignity Gala (Michelle Tiu / Neon Tommy)Wikimedia Commons

“Girl Meets World” Season 1 Episode 19 “Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice” aired last Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, at 8:30 p.m. on Disney Channel. In this episode, Farkle Minkus (Corey Fogelmanis) was forced to choose between either Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter) to be his date for the annual Buggie Awards. Meanwhile, Topanga Matthews (Danielle Fishel) realized that there was someone else that she didn’t like more than Ava — Ava’s mother, Judy (Reagan Pasternak). Read on to learn more about this episode.

Before the live morning school announcements, Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) did her best to rehearse what she was going to say so that she would get it right this time. However, as soon as they went on air, she was tongue twisted to the point that nobody really understood her. Beside her, Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter), just laughed. After the first few announcements, Farkle Minkus (Corey Fogelmanis) came in and announced that since he had been nominated yet again for a Buggie Award for his paper about a spider, he was finally going to make his choice between Riley and Maya, as he needed to bring along a date to the dinner.

Later in the classroom, Farkle couldn’t bring himself to answer Cory Matthews’ (Ben Savage) questions in history class on who America’s greatest ally is. However, he was forced to give Cory the answer — Canada — as no one else would answer. Cory then explained that Canada was actually America’s biggest ally as it was just right beside it and explained to them how much it was taken for granted as it was “always just there.” Farkle, during the entire class, was wondering who to take as a date. This was going to be a very big decision for him as he felt that whoever went with him to the dinner will be his final choice and that he would have to forever let the other one go.

Meanwhile, at the Matthews’ apartment, Topanga (Danielle Fishel) met Ava’s mother, Judy (Reagan Pasternak), with whom she didn’t get along with as she presented herself as too smart and sported a fake British accent. Ava then gave a very well-rehearsed intellectual answer as to how she liked the story book that they had just read. Topanga tried to get Auggie (August Maturo) to say something about the story, but he paid attention to something else and told Topanga that he had eaten one of the pages.

After school, Farkle decided to go speed dating with Riley and Maya at the subway. He bought Riley a smoothie that was thick, as she liked to eat smoothies with a spoon, and dared Maya to eat her pretzel with mustard as he knew that she liked to eat it that way. He then surprised Maya as he had kept the skateboard that she had used during his eighth birthday party, in which she had tried to a kick flip and failed. It resulted in her having a scar at the back of her head. He then made her emotional after telling her that he had kept it since it was the only time that he had actually seen Maya cry. Then he went to Riley and gave her a hippo stuffed animal that looked like the one that she had lost years ago. Farkle had given it to her to comfort her when she had had her tonsils removed. He then told her that he had bought two as he knew that she was going to lose it. After that, the two realized that Farkle was speed dating them so that he could weigh out his options. After Farkle scared away two boys who began to bother them, he reminded the two that he was like Canada. After this, Riley and Maya began to fight over Farkle.

Next day at school, despite agreeing not to do anything to influence Farkle’s decision, the two learned that they had gone behind each other’s backs and had texted and video chatted with Farkle the night beforehand. Maya then presented Farkle with a spider that was the “natural mate” to his spider; and Riley braved having the spider on her head to prove to Farkle that she actually liked spiders even though she hated them.

Meanwhile, back at the Matthews’ apartment, Auggie managed to give out a well-rehearsed response as to how he liked the book that they had read the other day. Afterwards, Auggie revealed that he actually liked it when Topanga read stories to him because she and Cory made sure to give the animals voices and acted it out. Ava then sounded a little bit intrigued as she wasn’t allowed to ask her mother to read, who felt that that kind of thing showed that one was weak. In order to demonstrate, Cory and Topanga acted out the first half of the story, which Ava and the other children loved. Judy then became horrified to learn that Ava also loved it when Topanga kicked her out of the apartment and slammed the door in front her.

Later that night, Farkle was honored by the fact that Riley was allowing him to sit on her and Maya’s window seat before his awards dinner. Riley then tried to get closer to Farkle, with an enraged Maya looking on. Maya was furious at the fact that Riley had locked Maya’s usual bay window entrance and had actually locked her out of her room. As the two started to fight, Farkle asked them an important question — the reason that they wanted to attend the dinner with him. After they couldn’t answer him, Farkle told them that he did not like the fact that they were fighting with each other and that the reason why he loved them was because he could never “think of one without the other.” He would rather go alone that to choose between his two best friends.

After he left, Maya and Riley felt awful about what they had done and couldn’t believe that they had allowed a boy to come between them. They then realized that they had both let Farkle down because tonight was his night and that they had fought with each other because Farkle was actually a really great person. They then made a promise to never settle for anyone less than Farkle.

Meanwhile, Jane Lynch hosted the 67th Annual Buggie Awards. There, Isadora Smackle (Cecilia Balagot) commented that Farkle had no date and tried to cover up the fact that she liked him. However, Farkle refused her because they naturally repelled each other as they were both “evil geniuses.” Before the Golden Buggie Award for research was announced, Maya and Riley came in and told Farkle that he wasn’t alone, much to his surprise and delight. It turned out that Smackle had won, yet again, but she wasn’t happy at all as she could see that Farkle was being comforted by his two best friends, his Canada, his greatest allies.

The next day, Cory couldn’t believe that Riley had messed up another edition of the morning announcements, while Maya just laughed her head off. Cory just shook his head at them, but Farkle announced that both Riley and Maya were perfect.

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