Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets the Forgotten

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets the Forgotten
Rowan Blanchard (“Girl Meets World”) at Redlight Traffic’s inaugural Dignity Gala (Michelle Tiu / Neon Tommy)Wikimedia Commons

“Girl Meets World” Season 1 Episode 12 “Girl Meets the Forgotten” aired on Friday, Oct. 10, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. on the Disney Channel. In this episode, Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter), Lucas Friar (Peyton Meyer) and Farkle Minkus (Corey Fogelmanis) learned during their history and elective class to never take other people who work hard for others for granted, such as lunchroom ladies, janitors, mothers and fathers. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), complaining that her mother, Topanga (Daniel Fishel), did not wake her up on time. She and Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter) were hoping to get to school early so that they could pick their elective, which today would be service electives, which meant that they would be working. The two girls could not understand how one could work and go to school at the same time. However, Cory (Ben Savage), Riley’s father, commented on he has to go to school and work every day, while Topanga had to take care of everything in the house after work. She also mentioned that while she was in law school, she had worked two jobs. As the girls left, Topanga told Riley to put her dishes in the sink, but Riley did not bother to. Topanga then left for work but returned, as she had forgotten her youngest child, Auggie (August Maturo).

At school, Cory, with Farkle Minkus’ (Corey Fogelmanis) help talked to them about “The Forgotten.” “The Forgotten” were those who had lost their jobs and money in 1929 during the Stock Market Crash. These people, the working class, were taken for granted and were simply “forgotten.” Lucas, however, found this very unfair.

At the cafeteria, Riley and Maya got their healthy dosage of what they called “blob,” which the lunch lady, Geraldine Thompson, made herself. When Cory went in line for his lunch, he recognized it as mashed potatoes and smiled and talked to Geraldine.

As he passed by their table, he noticed that Maya and Riley had not eaten their food and that Lucas and Farkle had been playing with their food by turning it into a volcano with a village, that, thanks to Maya, exploded. Cory then told them off, as they had hurt someone’s feelings by not eating the food and by making a mess that they weren’t going to clean up. Riley and Maya were assigned to Cafeteria Duty with Geraldine, while the boys got janitorial services with Janitor Harley Connor, who quickly introduced the boys to the mop, bucket and the usual vomit that he always cleans up on the school floors.

Meanwhile, Geraldine informed the girls that she knew all of her kids. She knew that Riley loved Fishstick Fridays and that she always gave Maya extra to bring home. They were then instructed to just peel potatoes and to put it into a pot. However, Maya got hold of some spices and seasoning and started sprinkling them all over the finished mashed potatoes.

The boys, who were cleaning up the floor were amazed at the fact that they only knew the hallways as clean. Harley then told them that he was a “Ninja” Janitor. The kind that you don’t notice because before you know it, everything is clean. He knew all of the students and knew who was who based on their vomit.

At home, Topanga asked the girls for help in bringing in the groceries. However, the two complained as they had worked peeling potatoes for 45 minutes, and the boys had it harder because they had to clean for a whole 45 minutes, not realizing the hard work mothers do when they get back home. Riley then realized that the “forgotten” was them.

The next day, the girls discovered that nobody really smiled or recognized you when they served up the mashed potatoes. Afterwards, Geraldine told them to brace themselves for an onslaught of plates. When the first plate came in, Riley told them she could handle it, but they were not prepared for the pile of mess and plates that waited for them to be scraped, rinsed and placed on the conveyer belt, which washes the plates. Geraldine then told them that she was proud of them and that they could freshen up and go home. The girls were about to go into the conveyer belt when Gerladine stopped them.

The boys, since they had cleaned so well, did not really have much to do that day. However, they spoke too soon as there was an onslaught of vomit they had to clean up. After tasting the mashed potatoes, Maya got into a little bit of trouble as she had been the culprit.

In their history class, the Maya, Riley, Farkle and Lucas gave their report to their class. The girls had realized that even though Geraldine does want to make the food tastier or spicier, she doesn’t because she has to cook something that everyone can eat. Lucas and Farkle realized that although no one notices Janitor Harley, it would be noticed if he wasn’t there. During lunch, Riley and Maya talked to Geraldine at the lunchline, while Lucas and Farkle put away their own plates instead of Janitor Harley.

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