Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets Maya’s Mother

By Kitin Miranda | 4 years ago
Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets Maya’s Mother
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“Girl Meets World” Season 1 Episode 7 “Girl Meets Maya’s Mother” aired onFriday,  Aug. 15, 2014,  at 8:30 p.m. on Disney Channel. Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) discovered that her best friend Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter) had a talent for art but did not want to participate in the school exhibit. Their class celebrated Career Day, in which the student’s parents came to share what their careers were. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Career Day led to a surprising revelation as to who exactly Farkle’s (Corey Fogelmanis) father is, and Riley was disappointed as Maya’s mother did not show up. However, when Maya’s mother, Katy (Cheryl Trexiera), showed up the next  day, things turned awkward for the mother and daughter. Riley then decided to help fix things, as she thought that that was her talent.

During art class, Riley, Maya and Lucas (Peyton Meyer) had to draw Farkle, who was posing for them for the day. They then discovered that Maya had a talent in art, which led to their art teacher inviting Maya to join the upcoming school exhibit. Much to Riley’s confusion, Maya refused.

Back at home, Riley asked her parents if they had any special talents so that she could discover her own. Her father, Cory (Ben Savage), displayed his talent as a close up magician as he made the salt and pepper magically appear from their son’s pocket. Her mother, Topanga (Daniel Fishel), displayed her talent in dancing as she danced and swayed her hips.

The next day, during Career Day, Topanga, a lawyer, came and told the students to work hard, as she had done a long time ago. However, they were in for a surprise as it was revealed who Farkle’s father is. His father is Stuart Minkus (Lee Norris), Cory and Topanga’s old classmate. Cory, back when he was younger, used to pick on Stuart as he was a nerd. Later on, the two became rivals as they both liked Topanga. Topanga, on the other hand, had a running rivalry on who got the most A’s. This time, they combined the A’s that they and their children have, revealing that Stuart and Farkle won by one point. Maya’s mother did not make it, but she insisted that she was alright.

Back in Riley’s room, Riley confronted Maya on why she did not want to join the school exhibit, talented as she was. Maya told Riley that she did not want to join because she did not want to expect or hope that anything would happen. This way, she reasoned that when she got disappointed, she would not be too affected by it. However, Riley is exactly the opposite — full of hope and the burning need to help everyone. However, Maya told Riley not to help her fix things.

The next day, in Cory’s history class, they were about to discuss the Korean War when Maya’s mother, Katy Hart (Cheryl Trexiera), arrived, wearing a waitress’ uniform. It turned out that she had missed their Career Day as she had auditioned for a soap opera. However, it is revealed that she is  not a good actress and works as a waitress to support herself and Maya. Embarrassed, Katy left the classroom. However, Riley followed her out and told her that she was glad that she showed up for Maya, even if it was a day late. Maya then came out of the classroom and told them she was not embarrassed and walked away. Seeing their troubled relationship, Riley decided to help fix the mother-and-daughter relationship by inviting Katy to the school exhibit the next day.

The following day, Riley sat as the model for the class, during art class. As she sat, she told Maya not to be upset with her. Their art teacher then revealed that she was glad that Maya was joining the exhibit, as she had gotten her note saying that she would join. Later, Riley revealed that she had also invited Maya’s mother, which led to a paint fight between the two girls.

Later that night, the Matthews family, Lucas and Farkle swung by to check out the exhibit and Maya’s painting. Maya had painted a diner, with a blonde-haired lady in a waitress’ uniform standing in the foreground. However, one could only see half of the woman.

Riley, disappointed that Maya’s mother had not shown up, confronted Katy at the diner that she worked in. Maya’s mother revealed that she did not want to lie and pretend to Maya, who was already so used to being disappointed by her mother. Riley then revealed that the interesting part was that among all of them, Riley was the most disappointed. Katy also said that what Maya needed most was Riley herself, and not her, at the moment. She then gave Riley a tuna melt sandwich.

Back at the school exhibit, even though her mother did not show up, Maya told Riley that she was right. Because of Riley’s hope, she was able to gain the courage to display her work, which people liked. This gave her hope that she could be something. She also then revealed that the reason her mother gave Riley a tuna melt sandwich because it is Maya’s favorite sandwich. Katy had known that Riley would share it with her. Riley offered to give her the entire sandwich, but Maya, after a glance at the picture, with half of her mother standing in the foreground, said that she would be fine with half.

Later on, Cory gave Riley an A for her unwavering hope, making Topanga and Riley’s shared grades even with Farkle and Stuart’s. Auggie  (August Maturo), Riley’s younger brother, then asked what his talent was, and his mother reassured him that he had time to figure it out. He then dazzled everyone with his opera skills and returned to the table showered by roses from his family, Stuart, Farkle and Maya.

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