Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets Pluto

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets Pluto
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Girl Meets World” Season 2 Episode 4 “Girl Meets Pluto” aired last Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 8:30 p.m. on the Disney Channel. In this episode, the gang learned that some things are always worth believing in after Cory Matthews (Ben Savage), Topanga Matthews (Danielle Fishel) and Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) dug up the time capsule they buried as high schoolers in Mr. George Feeny’s (William Daniels) yard. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in history class. Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) began teaching them about how history is written. As Lucas Friar (Peyton Meyer), Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter) and Farkle Minkus (Corey Fogelmanis) turned to the first chapter of their book, Lucas realized that Cory was teaching them that history books could be wrong as it listed Pluto as a planet. Riley then discovered, much her to her disappointment, that Pluto was no longer a planet. Cory then remembered that he and his friends buried a time capsule. They wanted to see what would happen to them fifteen years in the future and realized that it had been fifteen years.

At Topanga’s, the gang decided to make a time capsule of their own, with Katy Hart (Cheryl Texiera) doling out advice on life, just as Cory and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) does. Riley then revealed that she was putting in a small ball that reminded her of Pluto. Farkle decided to put in his Science Fair Lifetime Achievement Trophy, and Lucas decided to put in a Buffalo nickel that his grandfather gave him when he wanted to be a rodeo star. Maya, however, didn’t want to put anything in so that she wouldn’t be disappointed.

Meanwhile, much to Topanga’s annoyance, Cory brought shovels and a shovel shirt. He lured Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) from Philadelphia so that they could go back to Philadelphia and dig up the time capsule.

They then passed by Topanga’s, where Cory told them that the things that they had chosen weren’t important enough to be placed in a time capsule. Shawn then greeted Katy and got reminded of Angela Moore (Trina McGee-Davis), his ex-girlfriend, by Cory and Farkle. Because of this, Maya and Riley decided to go.

In Mr. George Feeny’s (William Daniels) yard, Riley, after digging and making flower crowns for her and Maya, discovered the time capsule. Shawn then told Cory that he was afraid, and rightly so, as Mr. Feeny had just caught them in his yard. After Feeny told the two that they were headed towards “Big Boy Detention,” Riley and Maya did the Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) Feeny call.

Riley then told Feeny that she was lucky to have Cory as her dad. Maya told Feeny that Cory was a good teacher, even if Cory said that Feeny was the best teacher in the world. He then told the three that as they were still friends and were still together, he didn’t have to give them any more advice.

Back at home, Cory told the girls that none of them knew what they put inside. Cory revealed the jean jacket that Topanga wore the first time they told each other “I love you.” Topanga revealed that she had placed a love letter that a girl named Lauren had written to Cory. It was because Topanga had almost let their relationship suffer because she had been jealous, and hoped that in the future, she would be able to tear it up while seated beside him. Shawn then revealed that he had placed things that reminded him of himself and Angela, including a kiwi mango lipgloss, much to Maya’s disappointment.

Afterwards, Riley told Maya not to give up hope. It was because she still had hope for Pluto, which was millions of light years away.

Outside, Shawn told them that he had hoped that by now he would have found someone to love, but he knew that he would never have that. Riley then got mad at him. It forced him to go to Riley’s room, where she told him that there was someone out there for him- Maya.

He then promised to be there for her.

Later, the gang put in their things in the time capsule. Riley put in Pluto because she never wanted to give up hoping in anything; Lucas put in his transfer slip, as it had been the start of something wonderful. Farkle put in the turtleneck that he had given up wearing when the gang didn’t let him give up on himself. Maya then told them not to look at hers. It was even though she didn’t believe in it, she put in the picture of her, Shawn and her mother, which had been taken on her birthday.

Later that night, Shawn visited Katy at Topanga’s, and the two began to talk to each other, much to the happiness of the two girls.

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