Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets the Secret of Life

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets the Secret of Life
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Girl Meets World” Season 2 Episode 3 “Girl Meets the Secret of Life” aired last Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 8:30 p.m. on the Disney Channel. In this episode, the gang learned a little bit more about Lucas Friar (Peyton Meyer) and his past in Texas after his best friend from Texas transferred to their school. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) informing Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter) that she didn’t want anything in life to change.

In class, Farkle Minkus (Corey Fogelmanis), after discovering that nothing else was going to happen to Riley, got excited to learn about what happened in Belgium in 1831. However, he got interrupted by one of his classmates. He asked Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) what the secret of life was. Just as Cory was about to answer, much to Lucas Friar’s (Peyton Meyer) surprise, the class got a new transfer student from Texas named Isaiah “Zay” Banineaux (Amir Mitchell-Townes), who was Lucas’ best friend back in Texas.

Cory then began to tell them that he had a teacher who let him learn the secret of life. Zay then got surprised that Lucas was looked upon as the class’ “Moral Compass.” He revealed that Lucas was a year older than everyone in the class as he had gotten thrown out of school for an entire year. This troubled Riley as Lucas, who was supposed to be her friend, didn’t trust her enough to tell her about it. However, Lucas told her that he hadn’t told her because he wasn’t proud about it. Riley then stopped in her tracks after realizing that her father had known all about it.

She then stormed into their apartment and told her father that she couldn’t believe that he had kept it from her.

The next day, Cory presented them with a math problem- if Fred washes a car in six minutes, and if Al washes a car in eight minutes, how long would it take for the two to wash a car together. He then told them that if they washed a car together, they would learn the answer to the secret of life.

Farkle then told Lucas and Riley to wash a car together so that he could prove that his answer of three minutes and a few seconds was right. However, the two refused to work together, and Riley hosed Lucas. Lucas in turn hosed her. In retaliation, Riley dumped a bucket of soap on him and Lucas reassured her that he was worth being Riley’s first ever crush and date. They then used Farkle to dry the car after he got mad at them, and Maya hosed them all after telling Zay that they were a tight group.

The next day, in class, Farkle admitted that he was wrong. Lucas then told them that he used to be different, but Riley, Maya and Farkle had changed him to be better than he was. Cory then told them that the secret was that people change people, and told Lucas that Zay would have appreciated it if he was there. Lucas then told them that he had always tried to help Zay out, and had no choice. He then apologized for snapping at them, and told them that he was “working on it”.

He then got called by Zay, who was being bullied by the school bully, Joey Ricciardella (Shak Ghacha), whom he had succeeded in annoying. He then pinned Joey to the wall. He warned him that he was much stronger than him, but would let him keep his reputation so that he could keep his. However, this revealed that Lucas had a temper.

Afterwards, Zay admitted that he had gotten transferred out like Lucas, and was happy that Lucas had changed for the better.

Later that night, while Riley and Auggie (August Maturo) debated on how fast they could drive their parents crazy, Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and Cory decided to go out to watch a movie.

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