‘Girl Meets World’ Season 2 Episode 17 Spoilers: Riley Goes to Lucas’ Hometown

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
‘Girl Meets World’ Season 2 Episode 17 Spoilers: Riley Goes to Lucas’ Hometown

“Girl Meets World” spoilers reveal that the upcoming episode will feature Rileytown and Texas in its next episode. What else is in store for the fans of the show?

Cartermatt gave few clues about what to anticipate in the upcoming episode of “Girl Meets World.” According to the article, it appears to be among the most confusing and vague episodes that will be seen by the viewers. Although the audience is still clueless of what are the secrets Riley has in “Girl Meets Rileytown,” there is a hint that it is very personal and dear to her. Rileytown plays a huge factor in that idea. It could be something she created out of her imaginative mind, similar with how other teenagers come up with their own concepts.

Aside from Rileytown, there is another happening that viewers must watch out for: “Girl Meets Texas.” Riley is set on an adventure to go to the hometown of Lucas. She will have to travel away from New York and seek new opportunities to open pastures. Texas will definitely be the center of this story even though it doesn’t involve much about rodeo.

This TV special of “Girl Meets World” will be aired in the succeeding weekends of the upcoming month. It will be in three parts.


New York Daily News shared key trivia about this program. This is a sequel of “Boy Meets World,” which was a classic hit in the early 90s. It first aired on Sept. 1993. The friendships, values, and lessons from this show all returned for the new viewers in the latest Disney series.

The ongoing season focuses on how Riley is dealing with her life in middle school. She is the daughter of Topanga and Cory Matthews, who are loved by the followers of “Boy Meets World.” Topanga and Cory are childhood friends who eventually ended up with each other.

What will be the turn of events in the next episode of “Girl Meets World?” Watch out for it soon.

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