‘Girl Meets World’ Season 2 Spoilers: Jack From ‘Boy Meets World’ Returns! Will There Be ‘RuCas’ or ‘LucAya’ In Episode 13?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Girl Meets World’ Season 2 Spoilers: Jack From ‘Boy Meets World’ Returns! Will There Be ‘RuCas’ or ‘LucAya’ In Episode 13?
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Jack and Eric still best friends? Are we going to see Lucas and Riley together? Will fans see “RuCas” in Episode 13 of “Girl Meets World?” Read on for more details.

Do you think the comeback of your fan-favorite character’s from “Boy Meets World” is finally over? Well, you need to think twice, as it is far from over! Episode 13 will make fans scream as they are set to see Jack once again! He will be returning this Friday as Eric’s best friend from the 90’s to meet Cory and his family.

In the newest and upcoming episode of “Girl Meets World” titled “Girl Meets Semi-Formal,” Will Friedle’ character, Eric will bring his old friend Jack, played Matthew Lawrence to the school where Cory (Ben Savage) is working as a teacher, to reminisce their good old times.

In the released promo teaser Jack and Cory ask Jack how life is treating him, he replies that he’s in a middle school dance and Cory’s brother is his date. Needless to say, their friendship remains intact after all these years.

Meanwhile, according to IBTimes, Jack is not the only character that will make its appearance on “Girl Meets World,” but also the Australian pop band Sheppard. They will be performing at the formal dance scene of the show. While Sheppard performs the song “Geronimo,” Riley ( Rowan Blanchard) on the other hand can be seen dealing with some serious issues.

In the last episode, “Girl Meets Yearbook,” fans saw Maya played by Sabrina Carpenter will realize that Riley and her initial love interest Lucas (Peyton Meyer) relationship is more likely as siblings and they may never have romantic feeling to each other in the near future. Maya has not yet revealed to her best friend what’s really going on, and things get more complicated when Lucas get jealous of another man that lead him to decide to ask Riley to be his date and not Maya.

This made fans hope that maybe, there is a possibility of Riley-Lucas relationship or “RuCas” as their supports call them, but sad to say according to IBTimes reported that it may not happen in the show and the creators are just fooling the fans, that they are possibly looking to portray a platonic friendship.

This decision could prove that “Girl Meets World” is not just a female version of  “Boy Meets Girl,” but also a great show in itself.

Now, in the next episode of “Girl Meets World” we could definitely see the intact friend of Jack and friendship, but when it comes to Maya-Lucas-Riley relationship, fans are still wondering, will it be “RuCas” or “LucAya?”

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