Girls Against Boys Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Girls Against Boys MovieAustin Chick’s Girls Against Boys is a compelling movie. It starts with a flash-forward with Lu (Nicole LaLiberte) sexually teasing a police officer (Matthew Rauch) in a bedroom. He is blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed. Then she gets his gun and just as the mood changes, the movie goes into the past.

Shae (Danielle Panabaker) is a college student who is dumped by her married lover. She works part-time as a bartender and that night she is visually upset. She is approached by Lu, who we learn is another bartender. Lu suggests that they go find some guys and party.

Things do terribly wrong when the guy Shae meets rapes her the next morning. When Lu finds out about it, she brings Shae to the police station. But the cops are unsympathetic. This is why Lu decides to bring out some female justice.

Lu and Shae hunt down the rapist by revisiting the apartments of his friends and the places they hanged out the night before. And this is when all hell breaks loose. Lu uses her gun to get information from the culprit’s friends and when she gets want she wants, she shoots them. And when they finally get to the guy who raped Shae, they torture him with power tools.

From that moment, Girls Against Boys become more violent and stranger. Even if the images are graphic, the tone of the movie doesn’t get to be sensational at all. What makes the movie chilling is that the girls do the things they do without saying a word. The images work, especially with the industrial soundtrack in the background.

Girls Against Boys is not just a simplistic horror thriller. It has a lot going on. It has some twists and turns that will surprise the viewers and has something new to offer to horror fans.

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